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Gift Of God

Posted On 2011-08-07 by Ameya Prince

 We are not lovers 

But we love eachother

We are not enemies 

But we fight eachother  

We are not a family 

But we care for eachother

With lots of love and lots happiness

We are together , we are friends     

Everyday  blooms with joy of meeting

And ends with tears separation.

A decade has passed

Since we have met

But not together in the beginning

And now  we are together ,    

With an inseparable mind.

Like the blooming flowers    

We enjoy and give happiness eachother

But not sorrows.......

And i know they are my best friends

who are gifts of god




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Posted On 2011-08-08 by Jeslin Baby




The human brain is considered the most powerful and sophisticated machine ever. It has got unlimited potential. You can create anything you desire just by letting your mind do it! Did you know that if we were to take a handful of people together and tap their brain function we could brighten a city for at least a week…….!!!! You have the ability to have and do whatever you want, if you satisfy all the conditions that will allow you to use your powerful mind to the greatest degree. First step is to be aware of what you want. Next is to desire what you want and finally believe it will certainly happen and the next moment you find it done!!!! (So, you mean Napoleon was NOT a liar,…

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Posted On 2011-08-05 by hiranya rajeevan

U ve got mail,the film drove me back to my past year..It was holidays.There was nothing to do.I painted pictures,watched the same movies over and over again.It was really dull with no friends around.And it was when the 'cyber drug ' got into me.Facebook.Initially i heeded each and every advice of my father.My primary aim was to make a circle of thousands of friends with whom you can share your thoughts,humour, was the perfect world for days passed i started breaking the rules.I did not know what was happening to me.All i wanted to do was to chat.I was just like an addict....And one day an incident made my father stick me to strict rules 'no more face book'.Then i was left with no options but to chat in my father's abscence.At the instant when the door was shut,i started with my buisness.I ve got no idea…

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Posted On 2011-08-06 by Nikhil jose

                                             SCIENCE–A BLESSING OR A CURSE

In the early stages of civilization, man used to be scared of the natural forces like thunder, storm and lightning. He used to worship every object of nature like sky, earth, trees, air, sun and moon and even animals were worshipped. It was because man could not understand the natural phenomena1. He was, dependent on nature.

But now Science has made a vast progress in the modern age.  It had influenced every sphere of life.  If any ancestors visit this world today, he will not be able to recognize it. It will appear to him as a different world altogether. This is because the world has undergone tremendous changes because of the rapid progress made by science and technology.  The world today looks like a fairyland.

  Science is a…

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Posted On 2011-08-06 by Rudolf Mathews

Today our world is undergoing avery rapid developement in all the areas. This makes our life more easy and more comfortable. All our means of entertainment have changed very much.                                                                                                                                     The days of playing hide and seek and all other outdoor games are far gone.All that we use today are T.Vs,computers,vedio games and all other electronic gadgets. These have degraded our minds and physicalenergy. Ofcourse the children can't be blamed of this. They are not even aware of the old outdoor games.                                                                                                                                                                                                         I'd say just let the children their have their own way of learning. this may even improve their creative thinking. After all "All work and no play makes one unhealthy."

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Return Of Mughals

Posted On 2011-08-06 by Risbana farsi

Panipat,the karmabhoomi of India's  most  powerful dynasty, the Mughals,is surrounded by green fields, more suited for starcrossed lovers than a fierce battle scene. This is a battle ground fenced by iron pillars,now which is used for cultivation and a gang of boys sing Hindi movies number treat this place as their cricket pitch.Women in bright orange and vibrant sarees crouch near the battle field cutting their crops.Ashutosh Gawarikar's soppy romantic film Jodha Akbar gave a rebirth to Mughals to embrace the people.It brought the mughals to 21'st century.It also did what the other big Mughal movies failed to do. That is making Akbar young again which was played by nation's heartthrob Hrithik Roshan. He gave Akbar the image of youth.It was a romantic film and showed the people thier lifestyle and whole mughal history.Aiswarya Rai was the perfect one to become Jodhabai.Hrithik and Aiswarya suited the backgrond…

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My English Class

Posted On 2011-08-07 by Sherin Hisana

Having just started with my senior secondary portions, I felt just like I was slipping out of my pace which I somehow had maintained till my tenth standard. I felt like 'Oh my God how am I going to survive these two years?' .All subjects underwent a dramatic change. Physics seemed to be an entirely new subject to me and made me feel like I’m nothing but a zero. Chemistry was another one. The notion that existed in me about Chemistry as "the perfect subject" haunted my mind badly. Biology was terribly boring to me and I thought it would be better rather than opting for computer science and I took it. And Mathematics was the ultimate. Mathematical problems were the only thing I dealt with in all the subjects. Honestly speaking, I was totally disappointed with my classes going in such a manner that I, perhaps didn’t imagine. There was…

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swimming lessons

Posted On 2011-08-07 by dannet bennichan

                                                                                                            SWIMMING LESSONScheeky


                                         I remember those days,

                                         When, i along with my neighbour boys,

                                         Reached the pool running,


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Matrix - if real!

Posted On 2011-08-07 by Merin Komban


I had been thinking very hard to come up with an idea for my first ever blog. It was then during my weekend movie time, watching my all time favorite movie ‘THE MATRIX’ that the thought struck my brain. What if matrix was for real? What if Neo was real, living in some part of the world? What if you were told that while you are sitting in front of the computer and reading these very words more and more people are freed by taking the red pills?

Now for those who have not seen matrix, its a cinematic masterpiece where our hero Neo,  discovers the secrets of his existence. It depicts a machine dominated world where bioelectricity is extracted from humans who are grown in pods and are forced to live in an artificial reality created by the machines called the matrix. Upon knowing…

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On my way to school

Posted On 2011-08-07 by Nileena Thomas V


For the past twelve years of my life I’ve  been travelling in the school bus.Now that my parents considers me grown up and I have classes starting at  8 a.m ,I had to tell goodbye to those school van travelling days. Life was too simple then and I terribly miss those days .

But now I have moved from that simple world  to a real world. I leave home at  7. 15 a.m.  every morning. Most days it would be raining heavily  and I would get wet by the time I reach  the bus stop. Actually this bus stop is not at all like a bus stop,because the place where I leave  is not a town but a village on the edge of its transformation into a town, and it would become a town soon  and the bus stop would become a real bus…

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