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Posted On 2013-06-14 by SHAHIM SHRAWAN

ENGLISH  is the richest of the world's 3000 languages.The new Oxford dictionary in 2 volumes lists 75,00,000 words.This dictionary was first published in 1933.Nearly about 2,00,000 words are in current use.CHINESE is second.But the total number of words is not yet declared.GERMAN has a vocabulary of only 1,84,000 and FRENCH has only 1,00,000.ENGLISH is the mother tongue of more than 320 million people.



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Kadal Kadannu Vanna Mathukutty

Posted On 2013-08-11 by George Joseph

Saw Kadal Kadannu Vanna Mathukutty. This guy Ranjith is really a do-gooder. This movie also has the same ‘Malayalis need to think of this’ streak with which he had done Spirit and before that Salt and Pepper. Kerala is no more the land of the educated elite with an image held high by the likes of K. Kelappan, EMS or Achutha Menon. The ethical standards that should have gone up hand in hand with educational success have not only failed to materialize, but what little was there seems to have gone down to the level of north Indian Lallulands. The law of the land is currently just one of the opinions when it comes to traffic rule violations or outright extortion, which may or may not get defended honestly depending on a multitude of variables. Mathukuttis and the NRI microcosm he represents are a fact of life and…

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മലയാളം ബ്ലോഗ്

Posted On 2013-09-25 by Administrator

ഇനി  മലയാളത്തിൽ നമുക്ക് ബ്ലോഗ്‌ എഴുതാം.

Web Admin. 

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Posted On 2014-07-01 by diya rajesh

How beautiful is the world we live!! 

with hugetrees and small plants.

with amazing world of flower n ' fruits.

Look at the sky with a smile,

 clouds with many shapes.

How much do you see?

As a fish , a bird or an animal.

At night the glitters stars

amazing! amazing! amazing!


  Diya Rajesh. VI B.


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Posted On 2014-07-18 by Arjun Vinod
As I was told in an introduction of the movie, Agora is the story of the struggle between people who wanted to know more, and the ones who wanted to know less. Agora was the old name of Alexandria. When the story begins, the pagan religion dominated Agora. Pagans worshiped multiple gods. They had gender equality and the right to question their beliefs. Obviously they are the ones who wanted to know more. They promoted science and philosophy and as a result acquired great wisdom and culture. It was then that Christianity started flourishing in Agora. When they increased in number, they started hammering their beliefs upon the pagans. They outnumbered the pagans, killed many and forced the rest to baptize. They also burnt the pagan library which had knowledge the Christians could only dream of achieving at that point of time. That is because the Christians didn't even know…

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Robin Williams and a few thoughts

Posted On 2014-08-13 by George Joseph

Robin Williams. 1951- Yesterday.

This is not an obituary. This is only a deeply personal collection of thoughts about an obituary. Me to You. The institution I work for or any individual I am stuck with on this planet is not singularly or collectively responsible for what I am saying. Grief comes topped witha streak of recklessness that most people of goodwill give and take without pointing fingers. That is what I am counting on to wriggle out of all potential gaffe. 

One thing I am not all that happy about going to heaven is that I don’t get to choose what I want there. It is kinda predetermined no matter which religion you follow. There is something hopelessly dictatorial about the heaven that is offered by most current versions of Gods and religions.

I always wanted my (own) heaven!

And I wanted Robin…

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An Exciting Trip

Posted On 2014-11-07 by Administrator

An Exciting Trip

Ananya Reetha Noble. Class: VII     

On the birthday of Kerala, 1st November 2014 in the fine morning at 8:30 we, class VII of Hill Blooms School started our one day trip. We went to M S Swaminathan Research Foundation at Muttil. There, at first we had training. We saw a video about the history of the foundation and one of the staff members explained to us the things we were going to see there. They first took us to the collection of medicinal plants. They told us about various medicinal plants such as Brahmi, Vayambu, Thippali, Kiriyath, Kattarvazha etc., which have rich medicinal values.  Then we went around the place. We saw a set of butterflies. I would like to name some, which I liked the most: The Blue Tiger, Common Crow, Common Grass Yellow, Chest Nut Bob…

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Study Tour of Class VII

Posted On 2014-12-01 by Neena Ann Mary



               On 1st November, 2014, Class VII students went for a study tour and

visited (1) M. S. Swaminathan Research Centre, Muttil; (2) Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kalpetta; and (3) V-Set Campus, Kalpetta.

M. S. Swaminathan Research Centre

               At first, we visited M. S. S. B. G. (M. S. Swaminathan Botanical Garden), where, first of all, we watched a video about the history, aim and motivation of the research centre. M. S. S. R. C. was established in 1988 with its HQ in Chennai. The aim is to help farmers grow the rare types of paddy .They do this by providing them with (1) the seeds of those kinds of paddy and also (2) the information about when and how to cultivate it. The fact that though Waynad can grow many kinds of paddy it…

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Posted On 2017-08-15 by Deva Darsan


                                    It’s the end of a three - day long celebration for all the Blooms. Every year Blooms try out something new rather than following the age old traditions and the good thing about this is all the new and innovative things that we try out each year came out really good .Personally, being a Bloom, it was fun with no studies, no home works and also it prevented the loss of class time experienced by both teachers and students during the programmes in which they are involved in but still this idea of conducting all that 70 items at a stretch in three days had certain drawbacks. Even though the idea of conducting the Blooms Fest items altogether in three days without classes and lessons aimed for giving an opportunity to…

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