Study Tour of Class VII



               On 1st November, 2014, Class VII students went for a study tour and

visited (1) M. S. Swaminathan Research Centre, Muttil; (2) Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kalpetta; and (3) V-Set Campus, Kalpetta.

M. S. Swaminathan Research Centre

               At first, we visited M. S. S. B. G. (M. S. Swaminathan Botanical Garden), where, first of all, we watched a video about the history, aim and motivation of the research centre. M. S. S. R. C. was established in 1988 with its HQ in Chennai. The aim is to help farmers grow the rare types of paddy .They do this by providing them with (1) the seeds of those kinds of paddy and also (2) the information about when and how to cultivate it. The fact that though Waynad can grow many kinds of paddy it is not done so, encourages the management of the research centre to nurture the cultivation and production of paddy.

               The M. S. S. B. G. has a wide collection of medicinal plants. For example, Long Pepper, Lamiacea, Lauracea, etc. Different species of grasses, algae, aquatic plants etc. are seen here. An arboretum is also found in the botanical garden. An interesting plant found here is Orchid: the ones that grow on trees and that grow on the ground.

               Insects found here are spiders and butterflies. We could spot butterflies like the Blue Tiger, Common Crow, Common Grass Yellow, Chestnut Bob, Syki, Evening Crow, Common Emigrant etc. flying about peacefully in the butterfly garden here. Rare Endemic Threatened species are protected in this botanical garden.

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

               Our 2nd destination was Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, a residential school. The principal of the school, Miss M. C. Shanthy talked to us for 5 minutes. Then we visited the laboratories, some of the class rooms, area for gymnastics, music class room etc. of the school. The most interesting of these was the smart class room where a projector and a screen were placed. Their smart class differed from ours in a single way which was that they had a laptop for each student. Each class had the strength of forty students.

            Projects like posters and collages displayed are a common site in the school. The dining area of the school had a television which could be viewed by all the students having food. We could also find a garden of vegetables and a rain gauge in the yard of the school. Students of Class X of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya accompanied us when we visited the school and explained to us the things seen.

V-Set Campus

The 3rd place we visited, V-set is a nature-friendly place where there is enough space to roam around and play. A library was also found there. We found beautifully planned and well maintained gardens. Trees, bushes, species of grass including bamboo, other plants like climbers and creepers etc. are grown in the place. The well organised gardens and the buildings close to them enable us to know the beauty of nature. We enjoyed visiting the place.

This is all about our exiting trip in which we could learn a lot about nature.

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