It’s the end of a three - day long celebration for all the Blooms. Every year Blooms try out something new rather than following the age old traditions and the good thing about this is all the new and innovative things that we try out each year came out really good .Personally, being a Bloom, it was fun with no studies, no home works and also it prevented the loss of class time experienced by both teachers and students during the programmes in which they are involved in but still this idea of conducting all that 70 items at a stretch in three days had certain drawbacks. Even though the idea of conducting the Blooms Fest items altogether in three days without classes and lessons aimed for giving an opportunity to all the students to see the other programmes and absorb the good things which can eventually lead to individual development but it’s a sad news that most students were unaware of these facts and did not try to utilise this opportunity and sat back at home for not so important things.

                                                    It is sad to know that only half of the students gave attendance during the three-day programme and I wonder why their parents allowed them to sit back home just because they found it boring. At the truest sense, yes this is right, it is a boring job to see and listen to all the programmes but it is a good, helpful and vivid experience that one can get on being part of such programmes. It is also a sad news that even though there are lot of things happening all around us fit for a discussion, the topics for certain items were a repetition.

Even though it is a fresh and new try to have the Blooms Fest in three days, irrespective of a few challenges and problems, I am pretty much sure that it came out really good and everyone enjoyed. 

                                      Blooms is a family and it is our responsibility, the responsibility of the students to make sure that we are part of the things happening in there and it is our duty to make those programmes a huge success. Maybe it’s time to make such children, who find it more convenient and interesting to sit at home than coming to the school and taking part in co- curricular activities, aware that all these things are part of real education. I also take this opportunity to appreciate the winners of various items and also all the students who came there even though they didn’t have any programmes and took an active role as volunteers and helped in the easy conducting of the Blooms Fest and as our dear Madam Principal said the universe belong to them.

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