U ve got mail,the film drove me back to my past year..It was holidays.There was nothing to do.I painted pictures,watched the same movies over and over again.It was really dull with no friends around.And it was when the 'cyber drug ' got into me.Facebook.Initially i heeded each and every advice of my father.My primary aim was to make a circle of thousands of friends with whom you can share your thoughts,humour,ideas...it was the perfect world for me.as days passed i started breaking the rules.I did not know what was happening to me.All i wanted to do was to chat.I was just like an addict....And one day an incident made my father stick me to strict rules 'no more face book'.Then i was left with no options but to chat in my father's abscence.At the instant when the door was shut,i started with my buisness.I ve got no idea why a simple' hi' from my friendsmade me feel like in ecstacy.. 

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