SCIENCE–A BLESSING OR A CURSE

In the early stages of civilization, man used to be scared of the natural forces like thunder, storm and lightning. He used to worship every object of nature like sky, earth, trees, air, sun and moon and even animals were worshipped. It was because man could not understand the natural phenomena1. He was, dependent on nature.

But now Science has made a vast progress in the modern age.  It had influenced every sphere of life.  If any ancestors visit this world today, he will not be able to recognize it. It will appear to him as a different world altogether. This is because the world has undergone tremendous changes because of the rapid progress made by science and technology.  The world today looks like a fairyland.

  Science is a blessing of the human race in one way, it helps in our explanation in how this universe acts or reacts and allows us the potential to compensate for the good and bad that may come of it.   Science is based on the scientific method which is observations of phenomena through controlled environments.

Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of modern science. The growth of fast modes of transport and communication has changed the world into global village. In the field of agriculture, science has helped in increasing the crop production and improving quality. Science has enabled man to diagnose and treat many dangerous diseases.  We can see the contribution made by science even in our everyday life, even in a tiny thread.   Scientific inventions like computer have taken over many function of the human brain.  Computerization has brought speed and accuracy in compilation, classification, storage and application of information.  Modern managements are depending more and more on sophisticated computer.

Machines are making men’s work easier and faster, but ultimate make’s lazy day by day. And now he could not do his work without it. For everything he is depending on the machines for washing their clothes to cleaning their houses. Once imagine your day without science it will be horrible.

         Science has made a very useful contribution to our world. Scientists sacrifice years of their life finding new things for the benefit of mankind, but sadly and unfortunately these are often misused. Thus bullets and bombs have been invented those have been used in the past and are being used in present time for destruction. The misuse of atomic power resulted in the tragedies of Hiroshima and Naga Saki in the Second World War. It brought instant death to millions of people and made a far greater number of innocent civilians disappeared from theirlife within no time.

   In fact science has two faces-good and bad. It depends on us which face we want to see. If we use the gifts of science in positive direction with positive intention then it will provide us with sweet results but if we use it in the wrong way the results will definitely be bitter. To save ourselves and the world as a whole from destruction, we should follow the right way to use the gifts of science so that it appears as a blessing and not as a curse.

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