My English Class

Having just started with my senior secondary portions, I felt just like I was slipping out of my pace which I somehow had maintained till my tenth standard. I felt like 'Oh my God how am I going to survive these two years?' .All subjects underwent a dramatic change. Physics seemed to be an entirely new subject to me and made me feel like I’m nothing but a zero. Chemistry was another one. The notion that existed in me about Chemistry as "the perfect subject" haunted my mind badly. Biology was terribly boring to me and I thought it would be better rather than opting for computer science and I took it. And Mathematics was the ultimate. Mathematical problems were the only thing I dealt with in all the subjects. Honestly speaking, I was totally disappointed with my classes going in such a manner that I, perhaps didn’t imagine. There was an adrenaline rush during all those periods. But I had a hope that, I will be able to recover soon .                                                                                                                                                          But there was a subject which, I eagerly waited to come .  English was the one subject  I eagerly waited for. This subject with all it's glamour, provided a new feeling in me. Along with it's uniqueness in educational field, my English teacher gave a unique way of educating us. English hours were the only time I relaxed and took tension- free breathing.  These hours made my adrenaline level to the normal rate. I would have regretted if i was not a student of this class. Watching movies and enjoying  learning .A free and fair class, I would call it so. A class where education and entertainment go hand in hand.

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