Matrix - if real!


I had been thinking very hard to come up with an idea for my first ever blog. It was then during my weekend movie time, watching my all time favorite movie ‘THE MATRIX’ that the thought struck my brain. What if matrix was for real? What if Neo was real, living in some part of the world? What if you were told that while you are sitting in front of the computer and reading these very words more and more people are freed by taking the red pills?

Now for those who have not seen matrix, its a cinematic masterpiece where our hero Neo,  discovers the secrets of his existence. It depicts a machine dominated world where bioelectricity is extracted from humans who are grown in pods and are forced to live in an artificial reality created by the machines called the matrix. Upon knowing this our hero Neo joins the human team against the machines, involving many others who knowing the illusionary nature of the world hack the matrix.

Now what if it was for real!!surprise The stuff we call ’reality’  simply isn’t very real then .It would change our outlook on life, death, possible ,impossible, unreal and illusion  creating a world where whatever you thought you were was not all that  you are.

Now if we go a bit farther we can’t tell matrix is a completely new idea! Many of the holy books give us the same idea. Now I’m not suggesting that it speaks of some hi-fi CPU controlling our awareness, but it does talk of   ‘enlightenment’ which leads to the understanding of the ‘REAL TRUTH’. If this enlightenment is attained then we are all Neos with the power to construct our own realities. We are all plugged into God even if we like it or not! And this God is in ourselves as it is said in the words “Aham Brahmasmi” and when we reach a stage where we truly understand our minds, take full control of our brains, we are freed from all illusions. ‘We learn the real truth.’

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