Who am I?The obvious answer to this is that I am Adlin Mathew, a senior secondary student of Hill Blooms School. But this actualy doesn't explain who I am in person. The answer to this question cannot be found from a birth certificate or diploma certificate, but it can be found from the heart and soul of a person.

I am a typical teenager who loves technology and fun of this 21st century. I was born in India, Kerala in a Christian family. I have two sisters and I am the youngest. My parents are high school teachers and I just live a 'normal' life. When I was a kid I always dreamt of being a great person who could inspire others. But now all I want is to become a daughter, whom my mom and dad can proudly talk about, 'She is my daughter Adlin'. I can never keep my mind set permanently on what I want to be. First I wanted to be a professor. Then I realized that lecturing was a boring job. Then I planned of being an architect and now I want to be a pediatrician. And I don't know where I will end up. But where ever I am going to wind up, I just want it to be something I really enjoy doing.

Every night when I lie down in my bed and think if I was born into some other family, would I be happier than now, I get the same answer "no". Nothing can make my life better than now. I feel I am blessed to have such good parents and sisters who love me so much and support me in every decision that I make. This is what gives me courage to go forward in life and achieve my goal even if I may have to face challenges and adapt to different people and places.

Everyday I get different experiences and I learn from it.My knowledge and experience increase day by day and I learn more  about myself.But still I just cant figure out completely who I am.I guess I will figure it out as I get older.........yes

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