What's my purpose??



“Life is meaningless, unless you discover who you are and your purpose on earth, where millions like you survive’’. Often, we come across poems and articles where life is compared to seasons, rainbows and many other metaphors. The purpose of life has puzzled many, including me. I have been asked several times about my purpose of life and I’ve shared my wild dreams with them. But later I discovered that, I was wrong because I kept on asking self-centered questions like what I should be. Being born into a Roman Catholic, Christian family, I was taught and preached about god and his love for me. But I couldn’t accept many of these because it was contrasting to my ideas and views on life. Years passed, and when I seriously approached towards my life, I discovered that I was lacking in something. Something I had lost or didn’t develop or discover in my earlier life. Looking back, I could see a kind, unknown helping hand that was there for me whenever I was in need of it. It pulled me out of dangers, helped me in my difficulties and consoled me in my pain. That was the crucial point of my life, where I discovered what I lacked. “Honest’’ and “Truthful’’ relationship with my lord.

 Thus my journey towards my lord and for his love began. And then I found out that it was in god that I will identify my purpose, significance and destiny. So when I asked him what my purpose on earth was, He told me that He wanted me to first understand and love myself before reaching him or his plans for me.

The first lesson that I learned about myself was that, ‘ I WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT’ . The lord prescribed every single detail of my body and determined by natural talents and uniqueness in my personality. As a whole, ‘nothing in my life is arbitrary’. This has helped me to get satisfied with whatever I am or I possess and find happiness in it. The second lesson was all about what drives my life “Never allow the past to control our future. We are products of our past but not prisoners. God’s purpose is not limited by my past’’, was the wonderful thing that I discovered.

My lessons are not yet over. I’m still on my journey to discover my purpose. I believe that knowing my purpose gives meaning to my life and focuses and motivates my life. It is a quite long journey and even if I discover everything about me and my purpose on earth, I still wouldn’t understand how much my lord loves me because ‘’ GOD’S LOVE IS DIFFICULT TO FATHOM’’.

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