The Beloved Novel Comes to Life

The Beloved Novel Comes to Life



BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA  is based on a young-novel of Katherine Paterson.This film has lessons to impart about empathy annd self experience.The main character of this film are Jesse,May Belle and Leslie.
Jesse lives in the country with his parents and four sisters.His younger sister May Belle always adore him.His strict father,works in a hardware store.Money was very tight and his classmates always make fun of his drawings.So Jesse finds protection from danger in running and drawing.
But everything changes when two writers and their daughter Leslie move in next door.Leslie is faster than all the other boys.That too puts Jesse off.But they both very soon bond over their  love of pretending.
In the nearby forest,they find a small branch of a river which can be crossed by a rope.Leslie names the land on the otherside Terabithia,where they imagine themselves as the rulers of the kingdom.Also,their music is so touching and Mrs.Edmonds encorages their creativity.
Inspite of the tension at home,Jesse's personal life come together when the unthinkable happens.But the other students in their school may find Terabithia's imaginary creatures frightening.However , there is much to understand in this smartly writtern, sensitively acted film.

Anjana Balakrishnan.

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