THe majority of the people worship God and pray him to bless them with money and wealth. those people have  afirm belief  that if they have plenty of money they could do each and every thing that they wish . They have forgotten a fundamental aspect of our life which influences all the activities that we take part . This fundamental thing is health. Of all the material thing that we need to live, health is the most precious one.If u ask an unhealthy person that what precious thing does he want in life.he or any such person says that he doesn't want anything in the world except good health. If we have health each and every essential needs of human beings will follow one after the other.
         In order to  maintain the health conditions there are certain principles to be followed in a pricise manner. Regulated food or balanced diet is the first essential thing for good health. Our diet must be simple and it should contain the essential minerals and vitamins. Vegetables , milk and well cooked food should be taken at fixed hours.Eating between meals is always a habit for human beings especially in India. Our life should be disciplined. Food , work and rest should be carried in a manner that u could become a disciplined personality.
         Physical exercise is very important. We should choose the exercise according to the age. Walking in early morning is a good exercise, Students should take part in games and sports. Doing work is also a good motion for health. Work is must because the bad elements in our body comes out of our body in the form of sweat.
        We must avoid bad temper, anger, jealousy, worry,greed and hatred so as to have a healthy body. These also effect health in various ways. The good values and habits make peopleore healthier. Whenever there are problems pray to God.
           If we lose WEALTH, it is nothing but if we lose HEALTH everything is lost.
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