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Is there a formula or something to make one happy?what do i really need now to be happy?For example, if we do into a darkened room and turn on the light, it doesn't matter if the room has been dark for a day, a month, or a year!Once there is light in the room, the room is no more dark.The same is with one's own mind.Our woudn't mind becomes happy unless we turn on the lights of one's mind.No one is on control of your happiness but you.You hav the power to be happy.Once you are happy, your mind is filled with peace, richness and 'life'.A happy mind is a home of love.Happiness never decreases when shared once.As thousands of candles can be lightd from a single candle, happiness doesnot decrease, but multiplies.If u have a heart of freedom, then you have a heart of happiness.So let me give you a small piece of thought.Each morning when you wake up, you have the power to be happy or unhappy.It can be chosen by you.Forget about the past, because yesterday is dead.Don't get tensed of the future, beacause tomorrow is yet to come.So, you have got today.Now promise your mind that you are going to be happy today.Just try keeping a gentle smile on your face.See the difference.I really works...!!!!You make yourself happy, others happy, which makes your life happy.be happy! smileylaughangel

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