Linking of lifestyle


smileySometime it is difficult for us to image how a life in the city could be related to the rural area. It is even more difficult to know how the lives, action and life style of those in the city could have a direct connection with those in rural areas little bit of thinking can make the connection easier. Most of the raw materials used in the cities come from the villages. Cement for building requires limestone which come from the hilly areas of the north and eastern part.

                  What about the food we eat? We know that India is mainly an agriculture economy. So farmers produce food we require. Is it possible that we could ask for non-chemical products, which are known as organic. At present they are more expensive and available only in specialized places. It is a common thing that the cities are expanding. Now we have stadiums, apartment, flat and all coming up. To achieve this we need road and have to build more dams to generate power. But for rural areas it has meat a complete change of land use not only agricultural land but pastoral land to the hydroelectric project and also cause problem for the farm land and forest area  which are important to maintain water sources. This is a hint of how deeply live in the city are linked to the villagers. We need to know this for a neatness life.   

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