Kadal Kadannu Vanna Mathukutty

Saw Kadal Kadannu Vanna Mathukutty. This guy Ranjith is really a do-gooder. This movie also has the same ‘Malayalis need to think of this’ streak with which he had done Spirit and before that Salt and Pepper. Kerala is no more the land of the educated elite with an image held high by the likes of K. Kelappan, EMS or Achutha Menon. The ethical standards that should have gone up hand in hand with educational success have not only failed to materialize, but what little was there seems to have gone down to the level of north Indian Lallulands. The law of the land is currently just one of the opinions when it comes to traffic rule violations or outright extortion, which may or may not get defended honestly depending on a multitude of variables. Mathukuttis and the NRI microcosm he represents are a fact of life and the character is, as far as Malayalis are concerned, a newly evolving male reality. Boys watch out! They have to live in a world where women because of their largely uncorrupted Malayali family values when combined with professional success may exert a hitherto unfamiliar level of role reversal. The organ of defense may be located, contrary to popular myth among Malayalis who long for a boy child, somewhere far above where it is currently envisaged to be!

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