As I was told in an introduction of the movie, Agora is the story of the struggle between people who wanted to know more, and the ones who wanted to know less. Agora was the old name of Alexandria. When the story begins, the pagan religion dominated Agora. Pagans worshiped multiple gods. They had gender equality and the right to question their beliefs. Obviously they are the ones who wanted to know more. They promoted science and philosophy and as a result acquired great wisdom and culture. It was then that Christianity started flourishing in Agora. When they increased in number, they started hammering their beliefs upon the pagans. They outnumbered the pagans, killed many and forced the rest to baptize. They also burnt the pagan library which had knowledge the Christians could only dream of achieving at that point of time. That is because the Christians didn't even know if the earth was round or flat. They were too blinded by their belief. They interpreted the Holy Scriptures and justified their barbaric behavior. They killed all the ones who stood against them. Even the Jews were not spared. They stoned the women involved in philosophy and branded them as witches. They showed absolutely uncivilised behaviour. The story revolves around Hypatia, a lady who was the daughter of the leader of pagans. She figures out that earth and other planets moved around the sun in elliptical orbits; disproving the belief that earth was the center of the cosmos. Science, philosophy, love, violence, and history have been brilliantly merged into the script. This movie is highly controversial for a reason. Quite a few reasons actually. We equate culture and civilization to the west, this movie claims otherwise. They do this by portraying the not so cultured heritage of the western society. This iconoclastic work of art shatters our misconceptions on western culture. Even though this may just be a story, I found no results on paganism in my encyclopedia, and the dictionary defined pagan as godless. Ironically, the Christians abused pagans for worshiping multiple gods. Even the very MS WORD on which I am typing now wants Christian to start with a capital C but don’t want paganism to start with a capital P. According to what I found on the net, this story has bulk of truth in it. People killing in the name of religion wounded my emotions and this film invoked deep thoughts in me. I would recommend this movie to all people whom I wish, have to have their mindset corrected. My list will include all my young friends waiting eagerly to migrate to the USA after studies.
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