An Exciting Trip

An Exciting Trip

Ananya Reetha Noble. Class: VII     

On the birthday of Kerala, 1st November 2014 in the fine morning at 8:30 we, class VII of Hill Blooms School started our one day trip. We went to M S Swaminathan Research Foundation at Muttil. There, at first we had training. We saw a video about the history of the foundation and one of the staff members explained to us the things we were going to see there. They first took us to the collection of medicinal plants. They told us about various medicinal plants such as Brahmi, Vayambu, Thippali, Kiriyath, Kattarvazha etc., which have rich medicinal values.  Then we went around the place. We saw a set of butterflies. I would like to name some, which I liked the most: The Blue Tiger, Common Crow, Common Grass Yellow, Chest Nut Bob and Chocolate Pansi. We aslo saw a rich collection of orchids, climbers, trees, bushes and flowers.  After all these we thanked them and went to Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya.


     Navodaya Vidhyalaya is situated in a 25-acre picturesque piece of land at Pookode. At first we met Principal of the school Mrs. C V Santhy. Then some of the 10th Standard students took us around the building. They showed us the Chemistry, Physics and Biology Laboratories, the smart classrooms, various classes, museum, music room, gym, kitchen and the canteen. Then we had our fabulous lunch from the canteen. After this we thanked them and went to the VSET campus where we played and enjoyed the last moments of our trip.  We came back to the school at 5:30 PM and then returned to our houses. It was a wonderful trip that will be always remembered in our lives.


Ananya Reetha Noble

Class: VII


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