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Posted On 2011-08-14 by sruthy s

_____________________HIRANYA RAJEEVAN________________________

I remember the  evening

when the fireball was kissing me goodbye

the tides rose up high till the

coppersun went deep into the ocean

I was slowly pacing through a broken bridge

It was dark, so dark as the hair of a

black horse.

it was peaceful

I could feel my heart thump so hard

I didn't know how to control it

No one can....

The webs were designed so complicated

that i couldn't escape...

I tried so hard to get away.

there was a hope of light in the eyes

of the lotus.Yes, i will make it

I have faith in myself.

I have the strength and will defeat

the thunder and lightning.Yes i can.


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Posted On 2011-08-11 by dannet bennichan


1 st September   2010blush

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Anju sunny

A  day  in  school  is  normally  like  any  other  day, but  there  is  a  day   we  would  like  to  forget …

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Posted On 2011-08-11 by priyanka babu

In the beginning man never deliberately set out to invent things. Man's first inventions were accidentally discovered.

Early inventions were simple tools.At first they were devices to cut,hammer and throw.Eventually he even learned to fly.

However a million years ago primitive man couid only shape stones and sticks to give his hand an added power.

          The first devices that were truly important, and that set man on road to civilisation were simple hand

tools and weapons.These weapons were made of materials like wood or stone.These materials were easy for early man to

find and shape to his needs. When Bertrand Russell met R.K.Laxman,he told R.K that India had invented nothing.

R.K was very angry when he heard this,till he realised that nothing means zero.The concept of zero was the greatest

invention of Indian mathematics.

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Linking of lifestyle

Posted On 2011-08-10 by subin surendran


smileySometime it is difficult for us to image how a life in the city could be related to the rural area. It is even more difficult to know how the lives, action and life style of those in the city could have a direct connection with those in rural areas little bit of thinking can make the connection easier. Most of the raw materials used in the cities come from the villages. Cement for building requires limestone which come from the hilly areas of the north and eastern part.

                  What about the food we eat? We know that India is mainly an agriculture economy. So farmers produce food we require. Is it possible that we could ask for non-chemical products, which are known as organic. At present they are more expensive and available only in specialized places. It is a common…

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Posted On 2011-08-10 by Merin Komban



                          - Aleena-

The nature weeps like a river,

And falls on earth as rain,

Who will ask why?

And who can help the nature?

It says us about its macabore days

Yes, about the macabore days!

Also, about the disasters happening

What the humans are able to do?

Nature says about its trees

Where are they gone?

And its pleasant greenery

The nature asks as

Oh! What can I do

The pollution stops my Brea

And vehicles pollute me

Look at me and see

They are happened

To destroy the humans

Who had destroyed me

So, let God punish them

             The nature says……

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Posted On 2011-08-09 by sruthy s

____________________________________________________aishwarya sebastian_______________________________________________________________________

Is there a formula or something to make one happy?what do i really need now to be happy?For example, if we do into a darkened room and turn on the light, it doesn't matter if the room has been dark for a day, a month, or a year!Once there is light in the room, the room is no more dark.The same is with one's own mind.Our woudn't mind becomes happy unless we turn on the lights of one's mind.No one is on control of your happiness but you.You hav the power to be happy.Once you are happy, your mind is filled with peace, richness and 'life'.A happy mind is a home of love.Happiness never decreases when shared once.As thousands of candles can be lightd from a single candle, happiness doesnot decrease, but multiplies.If u have a heart of freedom, then you have a…

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Posted On 2011-08-09 by Jeslin Baby

Moral courage is one of the most valuable characteristics.Moral courage should be learnt and habituated.Either you need to acquire some virtues,or you need to maximize the ones you have.This can be done through education,habituation and emulating past leaders.Moral development relies heavily and focuses on education.The virtue are innate to human beings.We are born with a capacity to  receive the moral virtues.One has to learn the moral virtues in order for them to be acquired.Education is central to moral develpoment.Teachers would teach virtues and you may not fully understand the virtues.Therefore what you should be doing is to identify a role model,someone who can demonstrate the virtue.Indian history is replete with examples of great  leaders like King Harishchandra and Mahatma Gandhi.Mahatma Gandhi,in his book,"My Experiments with Truth",enumerates numerous examples of moral courage.You must habituate towards virtuous actions and need to develop good habits.smileysmileyContinue Reading..

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Posted On 2011-08-09 by Delphin Vincent
        THe majority of the people worship God and pray him to bless them with money and wealth. those people have  afirm belief  that if they have plenty of money they could do each and every thing that they wish . They have forgotten a fundamental aspect of our life which influences all the activities that we take part . This fundamental thing is health. Of all the material thing that we need to live, health is the most precious one.If u ask an unhealthy person that what precious thing does he want in life.he or any such person says that he doesn't want anything in the world except good health. If we have health each and every essential needs of human beings will follow one after the other.
         In order to  maintain the health conditions…

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The Beloved Novel Comes to Life

Posted On 2011-08-09 by bhavya .

The Beloved Novel Comes to Life



BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA  is based on a young-novel of Katherine Paterson.This film has lessons to impart about empathy annd self experience.The main character of this film are Jesse,May Belle and Leslie.
Jesse lives in the country with his parents and four sisters.His younger sister May Belle always adore him.His strict father,works in a hardware store.Money was very tight and his classmates always make fun of his drawings.So Jesse finds protection from danger in running and drawing.
But everything changes when two writers and their daughter Leslie move in next door.Leslie is faster than all the other boys.That too puts Jesse off.But they both very soon bond over their  love of pretending.
In the nearby forest,they find a small branch of a river which can be crossed by a rope.Leslie names the land on…

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What's my purpose??

Posted On 2011-08-09 by Milda C Philp



“Life is meaningless, unless you discover who you are and your purpose on earth, where millions like you survive’’. Often, we come across poems and articles where life is compared to seasons, rainbows and many other metaphors. The purpose of life has puzzled many, including me. I have been asked several times about my purpose of life and I’ve shared my wild dreams with them. But later I discovered that, I was wrong because I kept on asking self-centered questions like what I should be. Being born into a Roman Catholic, Christian family, I was taught and preached about god and his love for me. But I couldn’t accept many of these because it was contrasting to my ideas and views on life. Years passed, and when I seriously approached towards my life, I discovered that I was lacking in something. Something I had lost…

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