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The last story i have read,'THE SHADOW OF THE MOON'

Posted On 2011-08-08 by ria joy

The Shadow of the moon,talks about our country INDIA.The vast,glittering,cruel,myserious and sunbaked continent,is captured here in a spectacular romance by the author of THE FAR PAVILLIONS.India seems to be bursting into hatred and bloodshed during the dark days of mutiny.Captain Alex Randell and the superior's wife,the lovely,raven haired Winter De Ballesteros,are thrown unwillingly together into a struggle to save their lives.In their love for the country they gradually discover a tender and passionate love for each other,and the story ends with the end of the mutiny and the new start of their lives.

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Posted On 2011-08-08 by Jeslin Baby




The human brain is considered the most powerful and sophisticated machine ever. It has got unlimited potential. You can create anything you desire just by letting your mind do it! Did you know that if we were to take a handful of people together and tap their brain function we could brighten a city for at least a week…….!!!! You have the ability to have and do whatever you want, if you satisfy all the conditions that will allow you to use your powerful mind to the greatest degree. First step is to be aware of what you want. Next is to desire what you want and finally believe it will certainly happen and the next moment you find it done!!!! (So, you mean Napoleon was NOT a liar,…

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Gift Of God

Posted On 2011-08-07 by Ameya Prince

 We are not lovers 

But we love eachother

We are not enemies 

But we fight eachother  

We are not a family 

But we care for eachother

With lots of love and lots happiness

We are together , we are friends     

Everyday  blooms with joy of meeting

And ends with tears separation.

A decade has passed

Since we have met

But not together in the beginning

And now  we are together ,    

With an inseparable mind.

Like the blooming flowers    

We enjoy and give happiness eachother

But not sorrows.......

And i know they are my best friends

who are gifts of god




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cyber securiy

Posted On 2011-08-07 by shown c robin


                                                                      CYBER SECURITY

Cyber attacks are spreading all over the world day by day and in India there is a huge increase in cyber attacks in the recent years .Last year the website of the Central Bureau of  Investigation (CBI) was hacked by a group of programmers declaring themselves as the Pakistani Cyber Army. The Uttar Pradesh government website was also hacked last year. But no one could find who or were these hackers are. This is one of the greatest advantages of online hacking. The very same idea was taken advantage by the Wiki Leaks who accessed secret documents that shook the…

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Value Based Education

Posted On 2011-08-07 by Siddharth M Nair


A look through the newspapers in the morning makes one sad to see the proportion of atrocities increasing in today’s society. The standard of education of today’s citizens has gone far ahead, but alarmingly the rates of crimes too have grown proportionately. This makes one wonder what is lacking in our education system. A little contemplation on the subject draws me to the fact that, values are not being nurtured in our education system.  Here, only the intellect is being nurtured while, least care is given to human values.

  We come upon umpteen cases around us where top intellectuals and officials are condemned for various cases of crimes, bribery etc. This makes us realize that it is high time  something is done to our education system so that along with subject knowledge ,values too are…

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Entering an unknown world

Posted On 2011-08-07 by Ajay Joy



She watched the sun dropping down

As the whole world was plunging into darkness

Tears,dropped down on her cheek

Like a stream in a great hurry.

She,the daugther of a peasant

Found no way

Other than crying her heart out

with her dead parents staring at her.

There were many collapsed buildings

And thousands of dead bodies

Which were lying with their broken parts

Scattered hither and thither.

The dat was quitely slipping away

Allowing her to bear the burden

And none to console her

That isolation painted her heart.

The pangs of hunger struck her

Experiencing the tragedy

She sat there recollecting

The hay days of her childhood

Unable to accept the realities

She embraced death willingly


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The things I wonder a lot about

Posted On 2011-08-07 by bhavya .

The things I wonder a lot about.........

 Teenage is one of the best  stages of human life. People think that we are a different species with all sorts of undefined emotions within us. Uncontrollable nature of behavior is one such character to describe one. I am a teenager and I kind off do ask lots of questions on which I spent time thinking about. As every teenager knows all these questions are simply crazy.
I wonder  why old people want  themselves  to look  younger  just as they get older, and why people never  get satisfied with their  looks. According to me there’s a good chance that  others  don’t  see you as negatively as you see yourself. You are simply beautiful to them whatever way you look. And the second most irritating thing on which we think a lot is, why did my friend hurt me?…

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Posted On 2011-08-07 by sruthy s

Wondering what on earth the title means? Before I tell you, please recall the last time you read 'STRAY DOGS MENACE' or 'RABIES INFECTED DOGS CAUSING CHAOS' in newspapers. There’s always a happy ending, though, 'NO MORE OF DOG TROUBLE'. Have you not wondered at least once about what happened to those 'annoying beasts’? If you have, then I’ll tell you what.

What is going on is insouciant slaughter of those beasts who seem like 'pestering bitches' to most but 'innocent animals' to a comparatively smaller population including myself of which most are hesitant to react. Being a vehement animal lover, this is not something I could easily digest.

Government of India has found a very 'balancing' solution to this situation, having passed a law that says human life is of utmost value, however, street dogs have to be vaccinated for rabies and sterilized. But government…

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Posted On 2011-08-07 by Abhiram S

Since the day I thought of blogging, I was literally confused with what I was to write, well, that would be dishonest! Actually I had many ideas initially when I heard of writing in this blog. But I was bewildered by the question “what would be the icebreaker?”

Later on August 7th(yesterday), I was sitting in my balcony, pondering on the same question clueless. Well that was when I realized how dumb I am in selecting topics.

Just think of it – I was searching for a topic to write on 1st Sunday of  August-

the International friendship day.

It was like my brains went sleeping when I was searching for the topic.

Anyways after getting the topic, I thought ‘why not write a poem on friendship’?

And trust me I could have never thought of a…

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Posted On 2011-08-07 by saranya ammu

Rising prices is one of the major problems that our country is facing today. In a very short span of years, the price of various things had a rapid increase. It is closely related to the welfare of the people. Nowadays things like gold,silver,vegetables,etc.....shows a massive price increase. The production of goods is expanding slowly. The consumption of goods is increasing due to the population growth which result in their price rise. In a developing country, the prices are bound to increase. There can be no absolute price stability. But there should be a limit. Price increase must be matched by the increase in the national income.

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