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Dear Sir/Madam,
42 Students and 8 staff members are traveling on 16th Wednesday to Angamaly to attend The CBSE State Kalotsav 2011-12. Kindly note the following details.
Bus leaves from school on Wednesday 16th November at 11 AM. Reporting time to school is      10-30 AM. Children are expected to get into the bus in casual wear. Packed lunch and water should be carried by each student. Expected time of arrival at Ankamaly is 8 in the night.  
Stay is arranged at Surabhi Hotel, Ankamaly.  (Phone: 0484-2452283)
Kalotsav will start at 8AM on 17th November and will continue till 8 PM on 19th November.
On 19th, children will travel back in the evening.  
To know the time of arrival back at school the following teachers may be contacted.
No.    Name    Cell Phone       
1.        Ms. Sangeetha Jose     9995777300       
2.        Ms. Jissy George    9288010595       
3.        Mr. Binoy P J    9947076323       
4.        Mr. Binu George Parani    9633001505       
5.        Ms. Shirly K J    9745744415       
6.        Ms. Archana V    9446163262       
7.        Ms. Zita Jose    9447040809    
Traveling students may be contacted on these cell phones. They are also permitted to carry cell phones if they would like to. Responsible usage is mandatory. No use other than calling home will be tolerated among our students even if such gadgetry use is rampant among students who gather at the venue. Here is a list of ‘Things to be carried’.
(1)    Student Identity card    
(2)    4 sets of dress
(3)     Night dress
(4)    Innerwear: Enough for 3 days.
(5)    Bed sheet: 1
(6)    Small plastic bag for travel sickness
(7)    Bath Towel: 1
(8)    Small Towel: 1
(9)    Toilet articles
(10) Small Torch.

Cameras and other gadgets, if carried, and pocket money are to be taken care of by students themselves. There are no safe keeping arrangements available and teachers will not accept responsibility of such safe keeping.  
Let us all work together to make this school trip a safe and enjoyable experience for our children.

                                                                                                                  Parental Consent
I have read/understood the letter above. My son/daughter _____________________________ is hereby permitted to travel in the School Bus to Ankamaly and participate in the CBSE State Kalotsav being held on 17th November 2011 to 19th November 2011.



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