Blooms' Travels 2012

Created on 2012-01-20 08:10 AM

                                                         Hill Blooms School
                                                        19th January 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,
135 Students of Class 5,6,7,8 and 9 are going on a trip to Hyderabad via Mysore. Services of UAE Exchange Travels are being used for the entire trip.
Kindly note the following details.
Buses leave from school on Thursday 26th January at 07-00 AM. Reporting time at school is 06-00 AM. Children must get into the bus in regular uniform including canvas shoe. Identity card must be worn at all times.
On the first day of the trip, historical places in Mysore will be visited. After spending most of the day in Mysore we will travel to Hyderabad to reach there early in the morning of 27th January. Accommodation is arranged at Hotel Brahma( 3 days and 2 nights will be spent in Hyderabad sight seeing. Return trip will start on 29th evening. Expected Time of Arrival back at school is estimated to be 11 AM on 30th January.  
List of accompanying teachers and their phone numbers are as follows.
No.    Name    Cell Phone       
1.        Ms. Zita Jose    9447040809       
2.        Ms. Jissy George    9447385850       
3.        Ms Manohary Jinesh    9495641292       
4.        Ms Athira            
5.        Mr. Binoy P J    9947076323       
6.        Mr. Suresh P A    9447887858       
7.        Mr. Binu George Parani    9633001505       
8.        Mr. Krishna Prasad           
9.        Ms. Shirly K J           
10.        Ms. Renuka Devi           
11.        Ms. Sheeba Sebastian           
12.        Mr. Babu George           
13.        Ms. Mary Bobby Francis           
14.        Ms. Siby            
15.        Ms. Shainy K.C        
Here is a list of ‘Things to be carried’.
(1)    Full set of school uniform: 2 Sets (excluding the one being worn)  
(2)    Wednesday Uniform: 1 Set
(3)    Night dress: 1 set
(4)    Bed sheet: 2
(5)    Bath Towel: 1
(6)    Small Towel: 1
(7)    Innerwear: Enough for 4 days and 3 nights.
(8)    Toilet articles
(9)    Small torch: 1
(10)Small plastic bag for travel sickness.
(11)Cardigan or sweater
Parents can call on teachers’ numbers for contact. Students are not allowed to carry cell phones.  Cameras and other gadgets if carried are to be taken care of by students themselves. There are no safe keeping arrangements available and teachers will not accept responsibility of such safe keeping. No dresses other than school uniform will be allowed during the trip.
Let us all work together to make this school trip a safe and enjoyable travel experience for our children.


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