End of Academic Year 2011-12

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                                                 HILL BLOOMS SCHOOL
                              (A Senior Secondary School Affiliated to CBSE)


Dear Sir / Madam,   

Our objectives and challenges for the year ahead as always seem to outweigh whatever we have accomplished in the past year which surely indicates that we are taking on more and refusing to kid ourselves about ‘everything going great’! As always, you folks had been the great force and support that has gotten us thro’ thick and thin this year and thank you for standing by it all.
Before we get into wish list 2012-13 let us take stock of a few details of immediate concern.
The School will close for summer recess on 23rd March 2012. On 23rd students will leave school only at 3-30 p.m. after the year-end ceremony. Please make sure that all carry lunch on that day or order lunch at the school kitchen.
§§  Classes 9, 10 & 12 will reopen on 2nd May 2012.   
§§  Classes UKG to 8 will reopen on 28th May 2012.
§§  LKG will start on 4th June 2012.
§§  Registration for Class XI will start only after the Board results of Class 10.
        The streams offered are: 1: English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.
        2: English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science.
§§Fee Remittance and Books Distribution: Schedule for fee remittance and purchasing materials from school store is given in the following table. [Books will be distributed from store only after school fee for academic year 2012-13 is paid either in cash or with dated cheques at the school office]
  Class        Date               Day       

10 and 9     02-05-12        Wednesday       
8          3-05-12    Thursday       
7          04-05-12    Friday       
LKG    07-05-12    Monday       
LKG    08-05-12    Tuesday       
6         09-05-12    Wednesday       
5    10-05-12    Thursday       
4    11-05-12    Friday       
3A    14-05-12    Monday       
3B    15-05-12    Tuesday       
2A    16-05-12    Wednesday       
2B    17-05-12    Thursday       
1A    18-05-12    Friday       
1B    21-05-12    Monday       
UKG A    22-05-12    Tuesday       
UKG B    23-05-12    Wednesday       
School store will remain open from 9 am to 2 pm. The first half of roll numbers in each class should come before 12 noon and the second half of roll numbers in the afternoon.
Please make it a point to stick to the given schedule. Store personnel and teachers in-charge may not be able to provide materials if parents and students visit the store on unscheduled dates causing unmanageable crowding. Orders should be placed with the school tailor and the teachers in charge for new uniforms on the above mentioned dates when you visit the school.
§§  Internet, Broadband connectivity, Working smart: The school website is fully functional and is helping with academic functions such as distribution of notes and testing. This process is currently implemented only in selected classes on a trial basis and will be extended to all classes next year. This means more and more teachers will use contact time to ‘teach’ rather than to dictate notes and conduct tests. There are of course the usual picture galleries and video collections on the website to watch your children growing up. Participation and involvement is the key though. A Bloom to be visible and highlighted on the website will have to get involved in school happenings.
Once again with passion: Without access to the internet, without developing an attitude to use all that is positive about it, your child will lag behind along with a generation of Indians who fought technology tooth and nail for whatever reasons. The Internet is here to stay and taming it and using it for our educational purposes is a major priority at Hill Blooms. All Blooms need the net. Moreover, Computer Science students of Class 11and 12 will have to own laptops or relatively less expensive Net-books to function effectively.   
§§  Waste Management and Plastic Recycling:A full-fledged plastic recycling routine is established with Mathrubhoomi’s partnership. No conscientious Bloom’s family need to contribute to plastic waste in their locality any more. Just clean your plastic waste and hand it over to your child to recycle it at the school. This however does not mean that our well established ‘No Plastic in to the campus’ regime is relaxed. For Birthday celebrations it is still delicacies sans plastic wrappings, the norm. Do not bring plastic wrapped toffees to school either.
§§  Uniform: In order to be preemptive about availability of Uniform material and it’s stitching; the store has stocked Jeans and Skirt material already. Those parents who do not prefer the school tailor are welcome to pick up the denim material between 19th and 22nd of March 2012 from school and get it stitched by any tailor of their choice. However it may please be noted that the onus of sticking to the school pattern (and basic decency and decorum in campus) is on them and compliance is mandatory. No low waist, no exhibitionism, no non functional stitching gimmicks that would challenge Freud’s latter day disciples to figure out why. Let us impress upon our young adults to google Anna Hazare when they want to rebel, but not use the waist lines of their jeans or skirts to express suppressed revolt against authority and tradition.
Please change uniforms and shoes when they are worn out. All sunny days from reopening day to school closing day are ‘Uniform days’!(Except Birthdays of course!)
§§  Monsoon Floaters: School is going to insist on a specific model of wet weather foot wear from next academic year. Samples will be available in the school store.
§§  Formal dress: School will soon introduce a formal dress to be worn on a specific day every week with the objective of training our children to present themselves in formals for all occasions that require them.
§§Remedial Classes: Students who have scored less than 60%  in Maths and English in Classes 5,6 and 7 will have to attend remedial classes during summer holidays (from 7th May to 18th May) and will have to write retests. Please make sure you contact Ms. Smitha Mathew on the office phone (241195) to get remedial classes scheduled before 4th  May 2012.
§§ Summer Camps: Logistics are being worked out for a Theater camp for students of Classes 4,5,6 and 7 of 2012 in the month of May by members of the Delhi School of Drama. Actual dates and duration will be conveyed when they are finalized. Please visit the school website for flyers and details.
§§Shared Values: A policy of requiring parents and children to conform to school’s academic values had been in place for two years now. The policy requires children of classes 5 and above to conform to basic requirements such as devoting 3 hours to reading and writing at home. The policy continues to result in tangible improvements in quality. This year also children and parents of Class 5 and above who found it difficult to conform to such fundamental requirements will be confidentially advised on the school’s commitment to students who are devoting 3 hours at home.  Please note that there are a few ‘challenged children’ who continue to be at Hill Blooms who are not doing well in academics. That is in conformity with the national policy for challenged children advocated by CBSE. These children will continue with us and teachers will be guided by the professionals who are involved in managing their growth. Such differently challenged children will not be allowed to continue with us unless their parents agree with us on the need to consult professionals who can guide them and us on the special needs for these children.
§§ Smart Classes: A total of 9 (Nine) Smart classes are functional as of now and 3 more will be added on this year. These classes will be used more extensively in Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation next year.
§§  Early start of Fine Arts Competitions: Please be advised that, Fine Arts competitions will have an early start in July 2012 itself, in the next academic year. Please check the website for details.
§§ Reading contest 2012: All Blooms should be voracious readers. News papers, books and yes…text books too. Those who refused to read news papers (and their parents) were repeatedly reminded that Hill Blooms has no intention of turning out graduates who are not alive and responsive to happenings in our society, district, state, country and universe. Some of our teachers are convinced that ultimately ignorance of news is a question of priorities in a family rather than priorities of a child in spite of 100% literacy among our parents.
Reading contest 2012 is about to take off with a difference. The test at the end of the reading contest will be real and detailed. The final contest will be held in the last week of June 2012. Here is the list of recommended books. Books will be available in the school library for purchase for those who wish to do so. You may contact Mr. Binu George Parani, the school librarian, for an update on this. Contact number: 9633001505.
 Category 1(Class1and 2 of academic year 2011-12)
1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2. Rapunzel
3. Little Red Ridinghood
4. Jack and the Bean Stalk
5. Ugly Duckling
6. Arayannangalum Rajakumariyum – Kadiyalam Aboobakker
7. Appooppanthadiyude Swargayathra- Sippi Pallippuram  

Category 2 (Class 3 and 4 of academic year 2011-12)
1. Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carrol
2. Heidi- Johanna Spyri
3. Around the World in 80 Days  - Jules Verne
4. Aanakeramala – Sippi Pallippuram
5. Kannante Dukkham – Kiliroor Radhakrishnan
6. Daivathinte Kalippattangal – Perumbadam Sreedharan
Category 3 (Class 5 and 6 of academic year 2011-12)
1. Treasure Island – R.L. Stevenson
2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K. Rowling
3. Swiss Family Robinson – J. D. Wyss
4. Daya Enna Penkutti – M.T. Vasudevan Nair
5. Uroobinte Kuttikkathakal - Uroob
6. Neermathalam Pootha Kalam - Madhavikutty
Category 4 (Class 7, 8 and 9 of academic year 2011-12)
1. Great Expectations  - Charles Dickens
2. Merchant of Venice – William Shakespeare
3. Emma – Jane Austin
4. Asuravithu- M.T.Vasudevan Nair
5. Chemmen – Thakazhi Shivashankara Pilla
6. Nashtapetta Neelambari – Madhavikutty
 “A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read”….Mark Twain’s dictum should be our guiding spirit next year at Hill Blooms.
Let us join hands to get our children reading.
May the force of goodness always be with you.
All of us here at Hill Blooms wish you and the family a safe and enjoyable summer of 2012.

Zita George K.
Hill Blooms School
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