All Kerala CBSE Kalotsav 2012

Created on 2012-11-08 10:02 PM

Dear Parents of ____________________________________________            Date: 8/11/2012

Hill Blooms School’s team of artists, supporting teachers and staff will travel to Sanjos Public School, Choondacherry (Near Palai) for the All Kerala CBSE Kalotsav 2012 on 10th November 2012.  (The website www.sanjospublicschool.comhas more details). Buses will start from school at 11-30AM and travel to Choondacherry viaPanamaram,  Kozhikode, Thrissur, Moovattupuzha and Thodupuzha.

On 10th Saturday all school vehicles will start from their normal starting points in the morning at normal times for the SSAT Scholarship exam scheduled for that day. Kalotsav participants may make use of this morning trip to reach the school early if they want to. No special pickup service will be available after these morning trips. All travelling participants reaching school using their own transportation are required to reach school by 10-30AM. Please do not call to enquire about additional pickup points. Here is a list of things to be carried: (1) The school ID card (2) Four sets of dresses other than what they are wearing. (3) One or two sets of night dresses (4) Enough inner wares for 3 days and 3 nights. (5) Two bed sheets (6) Bathroom chappals. (7) Snacks and water for the bus trip. (8) Things needed for their competitions. (9) Travel sickness bags. (10) Toiletry items

Cell phones may be carried with prior permission. Those carrying cell phones must register their phones with Ms. Shirly KJ on 10th morning before departure. Unauthorized cell phones will be confiscated. Low waist dresses  and micro mini skirts are strictly prohibited.

The team will be staying at Hosana Mount Bharananganam.

To enquire about return trip and Expected Time of Arrival please call only after 8 PM on 13th .On 10th all participants must bring lunch packed in banana leaf and paper. No lunch will be served from the school kitchen that day. Please make use of the following contact numbers. Ms.Zita Jose: 9447040809                            Ms.Jissy George:9447385850 Ms.Sherly K.J:9745744415 Ms.Manohari Jinesh:9495641292              Ms.Renuka Devi:9446013288 Ms.Athira Jayaprakash:9539614982 Ms.Archana  V:9995089289                         Mr.Binoy P.J:9947076323 Mr.Binu George:9633001505 .

Parents are required to keep this letter with them for further reference.



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