Principal's Presidential Address on Sahodaya Sports Day 2012

Created on 2012-12-09 02:41 AM

Respected chief guest Sri KL Poulose,  Principal of St Joseph School Kalpetta Rev.Sr Silvy, Secretary of Wayanad Sahodaya Smt Mrinaliny Madhusoodanan, other office bearers of Sahodya, Principals and Managers of member schools, Teachers of Wayanad Sahodaya schools, officials from sports council, parents and my dear children..
Once again we are gathered here to celebrate excellence in physical skills and sportsmanship among children of Wayanad Sahodaya Schools. For a small bunch of schools, 16 to be exact,  lacking state sponsorship and stuck with total self dependence in all aspects of educational effort, it is quite a challenge to organize a sports day like this. When just about every school had second thoughts about taking up that challenge, for one reason or other, Rev. Sr. Silvy, Principal of St.Joseph’s School Kalpetta, made a bold decision to take up that burden for the entire Sahodaya.  Today the first thing I would like to mention is the great appreciation all members of Sahodaya  have for Rev. Sr. Silvy and her team from St. Joseph’s Kalpetta for their daring good will.  
We members of Wayanad Sahodaya complex of CBSE schools, find ourselves explaining to a lot of people in the field of education here that CBSE is actually an extension of the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development and that keeping us out of events that involve growing up children of our state is not fair. Our requests for inclusion is not yet seriously considered. In a situation like this, it is heartening to see that SKMJ, a school that has an unequivocal claim to Wayanad’s educational heritage has come forward to help us with their sport facilities. On behalf of the entire CBSE schools community of Wayanad I would like to express gratitude and appreciation to SKMJ Higher Secondary School’s Management, Principal, parents and teachers for this generous gesture.
I am sure our athletes and their trainers have worked hard for this day and had been looking forward to it. Every single competitor has their skills and targets worked out into numbers. Distance to run, timing to maintain, heights to conquer and weights to lift and throw. I would like to remind you that, along with those skills, training and hopes you are also carrying your values. Values that you inherited from your parents, values that were introduced to you by your teachers, schools and trainers and values that you have acquired on your own. Today is show time. Not only for your skills but also for your values. It would be great if you can break meet records. It would be great if you can walk away a winner. But for us, those who watch you from sidelines the greatest pleasure is seeing our children behaving in a manner that make us proud of your participation. Seeing you accepted among your competitors as an emotionally balanced individual is as important to us as seeing you winning a medal. This is just another workday for us in our quest to seeing you as a learned, healthy, socially accepted citizen.  
I wish you luck, fun and happy memories today.
May the force of goodness be with you always.
Jai Hind.

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