Bloomsday2012: Letter to Parents

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                                                              HILL BLOOMS SCHOOL
                                                 ( A Senior Secondary School Affiliated to CBSE  Aff. No. 930178)
                                            P. O .Box. 24, Mananthavady P.O., Wayanad District – 670645, Kerala.
                                                    Phone: 04935-240809/241195, E-mail:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                11th December 2012.
Dear Madam/Sir,
Bloomsday2012 and Commencement Day of the Class of 2013 will be celebrated on Friday 21st  December 2012.
The school will close for Christmas holidays on the same day. School will re-open on Wednesday, 2nd  January 2013.
Bloomsday Notes
Bloomsday is being reinvented to make the program more ‘Little Blooms friendly’ and more compatible to the life style choices of our parents. Foremost among the changes is more focusing on the youngest Blooms whose full-fledged (read non sleepy) participation calls for an early start and early finish. Privacy, security and exclusivity also have figured vehemently in post Bloomsday2011 meetings with parents. The changes implemented reflects sentiments and concerns expressed by parents who wish to enjoy their children’s special day without hassles.
1.  Bloomsday program will be conducted in two sessions. First session which is primarily meant for Classes LKG, UKG, and Class 1 will start at 3 pm. Please be the parental time management role models on Bloomsday and help the school to start the program on time. The first session will start with the traditional prayer and will move straight onto young children’s presentations of dances and action songs. The second session of Bloomsday will start at 4-30 PM with the academic procession that will lead the guests of honor to the dais. The commencement ceremony and the formal function will be followed by the presentations of elder Blooms and traditional Christmas and New Year celebration.
2.  Personnel in charge of security will allow only vehicles with the Hill Blooms School Sticker to come in through the gate. Please make sure that the School stickers supplied along with the invitation card are pasted onto the front windshield of your vehicle. Inconvenience is regretted but security concerns have to be addressed. Please do bear with us.
3. Students’ attendance is mandatory. All students must wear their ID cards.
4.Students may choose to wear any dress of their choice. But sensible choices should be made that are appropriate for weather and safe mobility.
5. Class 12 students must present themselves in the school’s formal dress code for commencement ceremony. Boys in blazers and tie. Girls in sari. Class 10 students will have their special dress chosen for Bloomsday.
6. Christmas gifts will be presented by Blooms’ Santa of the year during carols.
 Students of KG and Classes 1 to 5 should be taken on stage by their parents during carol singing to collect their Christmas gifts. (Very young Blooms of KGs and Class 1 who are too tired to wait for Santa and wish to go home early, may pick up their Christmas gifts from their class teachers in the New Year.)
Students from other classes can collect their gifts along with their class teachers when their turn is announced.
7.On Friday 21st  December (Bloomsday) all school vehicles will start from their normal starting points (Kenichira, Nadavayal, Neervaram, Vellamunda, Ondayangadi, Kammana and Engineering College) at 10-30 AM to pick up participants of stage programs. They must carry lunch.
Participants who are not using school transportation need to reach school only by 1p m. They must have lunch at home and come to school.
8. Participants must bring milk and snacks for evening tea time. Later in the evening biscuits will be provided from the kitchen. Please tell participants to ask for biscuits if they feel hungry after 6-30 PM.  
9. Participants must bring school bags. This is for the purpose of carrying their snacks to school and later, after programs, to carry their dress home. We insist on school bags for easy identification. Please explain this to your children.
10. Participants must remove all ornaments including ear rings.
11. Parents of participants in all classes must collect their children immediately after their programs. Teachers will bring them to collecting points in front of the office after each program.
12. Over head protection from chilly weather will be provided. But please make sure all children, especially KG children, carry warm clothes.
13. Photography and videography of the stage programs of Bloomsday by members of the audience are strictly prohibited. Cameras of any kind will not be allowed in the premises. Detailed arrangements are made for professional coverage of the entire program and copies may be ordered of photos and videos.
14. Adverse weather is a possibility that can not be ruled out. Stage construction does take this factor into consideration but seating area is vulnerable to rain. Parents are advised to carry umbrellas in their vehicles if signs of wet weather are prevalent.
15. Driving in the school premises will be monitored with cams and strictly controlled. Drivers are requested to slow down to 5 Kms/hr inside the school premises. Please help and support traffic safety personnel and volunteers dealing with driving safety.
16. Children who come with parents should stay with them throughout the duration of Bloomsday programs. Parents should see to it that their children do not move about in a disorderly manner that negatively impacts decorum. There are vehicles passing by and there is a real risk of anti social elements being around in spite of security arrangements. Please be on guard and track your children on a full time basis. The fact that they are on familiar grounds offers no protection when there are too many security variables on a day like this.
17. A limited number of Chicken Biriyani in takeaway package will be available in the school kitchen for those families who order before 17th  December 2012 at a cost of Rs.100 per single pack. Orders should be placed and payments made before 17th December using the attached slip. Coupons provided to students on receipt off payment should be kept in hand and handed over to the person in charge at the time of pick up from food stall. Biriyani packs will be distributed 7 PM onwards from the food stall. Please make sure that you carry the coupons on Bloomsday to avoid delay and confusion because the coupons and food packets are personalized with students’ names.
All of us at Hill Blooms look forward to the pleasure of meeting you all on 21st  December for yet another safe and memorable Bloomsday get-together.
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Zita Jose

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