End of the Year Notes from the Principal’s Desk

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                                                                                     HILL BLOOMS SCHOOL
                                  (A Senior Secondary School Affiliated to CBSE)
Dear Sir / Madam,                                                                                                                                                                                        “Someday, somewhere - anywhere, unfailingly, you'll find yourself, and that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.”  Pablo Neruda
We believe we are in the business of making that a happy moment for our children.
Let us sum up what we have done about it this year and also share a few thoughts on what we think is ahead. First a few things of immediate concern.
1.    There is a special schedule for the month of March involving CBSE exam days and regular SA-2 exams. Please make sure that you adhere to the schedule.
2.    The Principal will be out of station or unavailable to attend to office matters during summer recess. Admissions are closed and most of the office staff also will take a long break. Those who need Transfer Certificates must put in a request this week itself and collect their certificates and records before school closes for vacation.
3.    School exams will start on 16th March 2013. From 16th onwards there will not be any afternoon sessions. Buses will start the return trip from school at 12-45 PM after exams.
4.    School will close for summer recess on Saturday 23rd March. On that day children must bring lunch (or order from the kitchen) and stay at school till   3-30PM for End of Year celebration.  School buses will start their return trip only after 3-30 PM.  
5.    Classes 9, 10 & 12 will reopen on 2nd May 2013.   
6.    §§  Classes UKG to 8 will reopen on 27th May 2013.
7.    §§  LKG will start on 3rd June 2013.
8.    §§Fee Remittance and Books Distribution: Schedule for fee remittance and purchasing materials from school store is given in the following table. [Books will be distributed from store only after school fee for academic year 2013-14 is paid either in cash or with dated cheques at the school office]

Class  Date Day      
9 29-04-13 Monday  
10 30-04-13 Tuesday
LKG 02-05-13 Thursday 
LKG  03-05-13 Friday  
8 06-05-13 Monday
7 07-05-13 Tuesday  
6 08-05-13  Wednesday   
09-05-13 Thursday
4 10-05-13 Friday
3A 13-05-13 Monday    
3B 14-05-13 Tuesday
2A 15-05-13 Wednesday
2B 16-05-13 Thursday
1A 17-05-13 Friday
1B 20-05-13 Monday
UKG A  21-05-13 Tuesday
UKG B 22-05-13 Wednesday

9.    School store will remain open from 9 am to 2 pm. The first half of roll numbers in each class should come before 12 noon and the second half of roll numbers in the afternoon.
10.    Please make it a point to stick to the given schedule. Store personnel and teachers in-charge may not be able to provide materials if parents and students visit the store on unscheduled dates causing unmanageable crowding. LKG uniform, Class 1 Wednesday Uniform and Class 5 girls’ uniform are the only uniforms that need to be stitched by the school tailor. All other uniform dresses may be stitched by a tailor of your choice. The uniform dress materials will be available in the school store from March 15th 2013, onwards.
11.    Here are a few academic initiatives we have started this year.
          §§ Fast Track:  An in house training meant for students of class 6 with         
90% in Scholastic and all As in Co scholastic areas. The next session of this program will start on May 2nd 2013.  
§§ Target Course: This is for those who have completed Class 9 and are aspiring for higher levels of competitive exams such as NTSE.
§§ Bridge Course: A bridge course for students who have just completed class 10 will start on April 15th Monday. Duration of the course is one and a half months. Course fee is Rs 4000. They will be given Entrance based coaching in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.
§§ Entrance Coaching: This is meant for students who have completed class 11and needs to hone their skills for tackling entrance exams.
   12. §§ Registration for Class XI has started. The streams offered are
1: English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.
2: English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science.

    Here are some long term thoughts, dreams, plans and ‘things to do’s.

1.    The single biggest challenge we are facing at Hill Blooms is so simple and so ordinary that it seems to defy all simple and all ordinary solutions. We need to mount a massive, concerted, imaginative, inspired and coordinated effort with inputs from all of us to sort this one out! Our children do not read! Not because they can’t but because they don’t. Long term result is that at least half of our graduates are turning out to be technical work force with a poor grasp of politics, economics and other facts of life which (if they had), would have given them prominence in their work place. There are two kinds of Blooms. The ones who read with an interest and passion on their own by the time they get to class 6 and those who have to be put under pressure to read. The first kind is what we want all Blooms to be. They are the ones who later move on to become speakers and writers and students who do well with comprehension tests and CAT. There is one thing, parents, especially mothers can do to help. Starting real early, (even if the child does not respond well at first) read stories to your child at bed time. Sooner or later the magic will catch on and your child will read on her own. Behind just about every child who is reading well in Hill Blooms, there is a role model reader at home. Please spend 15 minutes to read a story to your kindergartner, starting today if you are not already doing that. The language doesn’t matter.

2.    Most Blooms respond positively to teacher’s interventions in academic objectives and behavioral goals. That is primarily because parents did a good job of keeping them under loving control at home and they absorbed their values and long term objectives before they were sent to school. Our major challenge is to make sure that the set of skills they will take to cities, at the end of their schooling, where they will compete with the best of the city bred, is as good as any they might encounter there. Understanding of the world, speaking skills, fine arts skills, business acumen and financial maturity are all part of our wish list. To acquire all these, one surefire must do is getting them to read at least one news paper every day. Expecting a child to grow up into taking over family businesses and being a leader in work places without knowing the nation’s and family’s politics and economics is hugely unrealistic which is precisely what some of our parents are trying to do when they bring them up in a sterilized environment. Responsible exposure to your family’s political orientation (unless of course it is xenophobic or subversive!), economic activities and economic problems are an important part of growing up.  

3.    Appreciating your child’s accomplishments is something that can make a big difference to a child’s work and play. But how you praise your child matters. Current wisdom is reflected in this recent article. Please read. For those who can’t: Here is the basics. When you praise your child for something well done, please make it a point to closely learn and observe finer points of the child’s achievement before you praise what she did. The praise and appreciation should focus on the work and thought and should not be a generalized, free size ‘very good’.  




4.    How they study is as important as what they study in early years. We have to set the pattern right. Let us focus on how our children study at home. What is evident at Hill Blooms is that, in spite of many things we do to change the habit, children continue to read and study as if its all about exams and exams only. This kind of exam oriented question and answer study is destroying our children’s ability to analyze, absorb and retain ideas and data. This trend has to change. Time is the key. The more time a student spends reading up on a topic or chapter or lesson in a relaxed manner, the better. Up to class 9 the process of ‘studying’ has to be relaxed reading in the case of languages and non mathematical subjects. For Math it must be working out a massive number of problems that are termed ‘application type’. A fast memorizer is not necessarily a good learner or a valued employee because in a world where data analyzing, reasoning, number crunching and ethical thinking are of paramount importance, a memory monkey has limited relevance. Relaxed reading of multiple documentation on a topic and the ability to output focused opinions on that are far superior to memorizing a set of given data. A habit of two news papers a day will train your child to do just that free of tuition fee.

5.    Connectivity: Every year in this annual communication we try to highlight why we can’t go on any further without functional internet connectivity at home for your child. With this year’s exhortation that practice is going to end because it is no longer possible to learn or teach at Hill Blooms without internet connectivity. Notes and online tests are being put out on the website for registered users and the old traditional dictating of notes will come to an end from next year in class 6 and beyond. CCE (CBSE’s continuous evaluation system) as used in Hill Blooms will accept online test results. We expect our teachers to use the entire contact time to present learning objectives with convincing subject mastery and we expect students to get the main points understood right there in the class and not during a cramming session at home.

6.    During every parents’ meeting we hear the litany ‘he won’t sit down and study’ and ‘she stays at her study table for not more than 20 minutes at a time’. Without that most basic of work and study skills, the ability to stay focused on an activity for prolonged hours, we may have to be realistic and accept a huge downsizing of our career options too. In class 11, it is a little too late to start on LEGO constructions and deconstructions to train for prolonged attention spans. The school is thinking of making use of home tuition technologies to have teachers monitor individual student’s work using available net platforms. Parents who are seriously concerned about this problem may also think on the same lines, take initiatives and communicate to us. Together we can sort out this challenge.

7.    Obesity is here to stay and has to be addressed. The school now allows Blooms who are challenged in this regard to stay back for physical activities after class every day. Parents should coordinate with the physical education teacher who supervises the effort and make use of this time for games and physical activity.

8.    When new children start using school transportation on an existing school bus route, they will have to make use of bus stops that are currently in force. If disputes arise practical solutions and compromises will be sought but if all fails the old bus stops will prevail. In other words, we can’t stop the school bus frequently to accommodate the ego battles of neighbors. All LKG new admissions are requested to take note of this fact: NO NEW BUS STOPS.

9.    The current school dress code had been in force for more than two decades. Requests for a more formal dress for ceremonial occasions and a change from polyester to cotton T shirts are being addressed. However there is no relaxing on the uniform requirement and parents are requested to conform to the uniform regulation from day 1 of the school year to last day of work in the school year.  That includes canvass shoe on all non rainy days. Low waist jeans are not acceptable and parents’ argument that their sons are wearing it in spite of their objections amounts to admitting their ignorance of the origin of low waist jeans and probably their failure to exercise parental controls. While the school intends to remain sympathetic to the orientation it implies in accordance with humane and politically correct international perceptions of the same, it has no intention of allowing such open display of one’s private orientation (…and under garments….and body parts) in campus. Therefore ‘straight’ dresses only while in school premises, no matter what your orientation is. Violators will be sent home for a change of clothes after letting parents know about the return trip.   

10.    The Hon. High Court of Kerala, in its verdict WP(c) No 1042 of 2012 dated 14/9/2012  has stipulated the salary structure of CBSE schools. Hill Blooms School, Mananthavady along with all fully affiliated CBSE schools of Kerala will implement the new salary structure with immediate effect. The change will have economic implications for all stake holders and will show up in the fee structures starting next academic year.

11.    Reading contest 2013 is about to take off with a difference. The test at the end of the reading contest will be real and detailed. The final contest will be held in the last week of June 2013. Here is the list of recommended books.

12.     Category 1(Class1and 2 of academic year 2012-13)
1.Hansel and Gretel
2.Puss in Boots
3.The Elves and the Shoemaker
4.Panjathanthram --- Vishnu Sharma
5.Thennali Raman Kathakal -----Mohandas Ambatt

13.    Category 2 (Class 3 and 4 of academic year 2012-13)
1.Black Beauty
2.The Famous Five--- Enid Blyton
3.The Happy Prince…Oscar Wild.
4. Oru Kudayum Kunjupengalum ----Muttathu Varkey
5.Unnikkuttante Lokam ----Nandanar

14.    Category 3 (Class 5 and 6 of academic year 2012-13)
1.    The Time Machine.-----H G Wells
2.    The Wind in the Willows ---- Kenneth Graham
3.    The Adventures of Huckleburry Fin----Mark Twain
4.    Kanneerum Kinavum ---VT Bhattathirippadu
5.    Pathirasooriante Nattil---- S K Pottakkadu
6.    Pathummayude aadu---- Vaikkom Muhammad Basheer.

15.    Category 4 (Class 7, 8 and 9 of academic year 2012-13)
1.Daddy Long Legs ---Jean Webster
2.The Call of the Wild ----Jack London
3.The Room on the Roof--- Ruskin bond
4. Agnisakshi --- Lalithambika Antharjanam
5. Ini Njanurangatte--- P K Balakrishnan
6. Kappirikalude Nattil---- S K Pottakkadu.

“A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read”….Once again let us promise ourselves to heed Mark Twain’s famous dictum and make it our guiding spirit next year at Hill Blooms. Let us join hands to get our children reading.
             May the force of goodness always be with you.
             All of us here at Hill Blooms wish you and the family a safe and  
             enjoyable summer of  2013.

Zita George K.
Hill Blooms School
Note: This letter has important information for all parents. Please call Principal or Manager on Phones 9447040809/9446012809) between 8 PM and 10 PM if you need clarifications or translation. Please do not call to change school store timings or schedules for fee payment.  
Read Receipt (To be returned to the class teacher).

I have read and understood this letter.

Student’s Name …………………………

Parent’s Name & Signature …………………….........


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