Obituary of Amala Santhosh

Created on 2013-06-05 04:22 AM

Obituary of Amala Santhosh delivered by school captain Monisha PC on 5th June 2013.


Good afternoon.

This is an obituary. An obituary is remembering a person after she is gone from our midst.

All obituaries are sad. Some are heart breaking. This one is overwhelmingly so.

Amala Santhosh of UKG was with us when last academic year ended. She was a happy child who had everything going for her. Happy and hardworking family, teacher’s pet, talented dancer, good IQ, excellent EQ.

In May, on a typical summer day she went out with her aunt and cousin sister to bathe in the river. Being a meticulously safe mother, her aunt did not even allow her into water. She even made sure that an elder boy accompanied the two girls to home after bath.

Why the two girls came back to the river is not clear. May be to wash their feet. In fact nothing much of their last moments will ever be known for sure. Only thing we know for certain is that they were totally unprepared for the deep swirls formed by the sand mining close to the shore and that the elder one held onto the younger one in a last minute desperate effort to save her. That act of love and a supreme effort to protect a loved one were frozen in a horrible tableau of nature’s cruel logic that knows no mercy when they found the two little bodies holding onto each other.

This little Bloom’s barely bloomed short life has lessons for every single Bloom who is listening to this. Do all you can, to be safe near and in water. Learn to swim at the earliest. Do not destroy our rivers by mindless exploitation because ultimately that amounts to extremely unsafe rivers.  

Amala Santhosh we believe has reached out and touched the face of God.

Hill Blooms loves you.

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