Principal’s speech on 03 June 2013, first day of new academic session

Created on 2013-06-16 12:37 AM

Good morning Blooms.

Looks like we have a very traditional start up of the school year this time. The monsoons have arrived right on time. Along with the much awaited water and cool weather it is giving us near perfect ambience for teaching and learning too. In our state nature has always blessed us with this special factor for learning. Monsoon shuts out all except learning and energy can be focused for reading and writing.

I would like to once again remind you of a few things right at the beginning. You are going through a phase in your life that will eventually decide your peace and happiness in the future and the happiness of all those who love you. To achieve that what you have to do is very very simple. R-E-A-D. Read and listen to the teacher in class. Read and review at home. Read a newspaper everyday. Read books that you enjoy reading during whatever free time you get. Just read.

I also would like to tell you of a special focus for your reading this year. You must have heard about Malayalam being declared as a ‘Sreshtabhasha’. That is one more reminder of a precious heritage we have. One of the world’s richest languages is ours without even having to spend any energy to learn it. We have our Mathrubhasha in our minds right from birth. That is not enough. This year all Blooms must make sure they have read at least 10 books in Malayalam. Along with fulfilling your parents’ wish for you to learn and practice English for science and technology we have to make sure our cultural moorings are inherited with solid Malayalam reading. It is like Prof. Hridayakumari said and I quote: Malayali’s language confusion is not because of learning English, but because of not learning Malayalam enough. Unquote: So for the academic year 2013-14, let us pledge to read plenty of English and Malayalam and acquire the special skill of speaking well in English by practicing it while at school. Along with English and Malayalam, our Hindi teachers are starting a special drive to give you Hindi speaking practice on Wednesdays. Please participate so that every Bloom can use our Rastrabhasha fluently.


Here is something special. Our class 12 of 2013 has given us plenty to be proud of.

Merin J Komban scored 95.6% (478 out of 500) to win the coveted ‘district topper’ status . She also scored 99 out of 100 to top in Biology. Other toppers include Jeslin Baby (92.8) Sruthy S(92.8),Abhiram S Ravindran (91.2), and Rudolf Mathews (90.6) . Bhavya and Rudolf Mathews scored 97 each in chemistry to become the school toppers. Sruthy S and Nileena Thomas scored 95 each to become district toppers in English. With a score of 95 each Jeslin Baby ,Abhiram S and Merin J Komban topped in Maths. School toppers in Physics with a score of 95 each are Abhiram S ,Rudolf Mathews ,Siddarth M Nair and Merin J Komban. Nikhil Jose scored 95 to top in Computer Science. 17 blooms scored more than 95 in Biology.

Along with all Blooms and the entire Blooms community, I congratulate them and thank them for the fine legacy they have created for all their juniors who are listening to this.


Finally before I wind up, one word of caution. Stay away from construction work that is correcting leaks on our concrete roof. Unsafe zones are marked by ropes and do not cross those lines. If a corridor or area is blocked, it is for our safety and do not jump over it.

Once again I wish you a smooth start up, speedy learning and most of all plenty of reading. Ladies and gentlemen: Let us begin.

May the Force of goodness be with you always.

Thank you.

Jai Hind.

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