Consolidated Report of Club Activities

Created on 2013-09-21 07:35 AM

Time Line of Club Activities and Consolidated report on Club Activities 2013: Compiled by Club Secretaries.

The initial process of starting club activities started in the month of June. Clubs were identified and as the first step teachers were divided into different clubs according to their wish.  Next, students from class 6 to class 12 were also divided into different clubs.

The first meetings of the Group 1 clubs were conducted on 23rd August, Friday during the last two periods. Group 1 includes Green Friends Club & Social Service Club. The main agenda of the meeting was to elect the office bearers and the class representatives of each club and to chart out activities for each club.

The first meetings of Group 2 clubs were conducted on 27th August, Tuesday during the last two periods. Group 2 includes Music club, Science Club, Health & Wellness club and Literary &Debating club. The main agenda of the meeting was to elect the office bearers and the class representatives of each club and to chart out activities for each club.

3rd September, Tuesday. A Dental camp was conducted by the Health &Wellness club for students of LKG to Class 4. Seven Dentists from the Dental Association came to our school and rooms were set in LKG classes for check-ups. The camp started at 1:00pm and ended by 2: 30pm. The dentists were served tea and they promised to take an hour long class on Oral hygiene for Blooms on 12th September, Thursday at 1:30pm.

Music Club Activities: June 21st Music club celebrated the World Music Day with a western solo singing competition.  In the inaugural function a message was given by Mrs. Archana V. There was also a fusion event in Violin by Steenish Ignou and his band. Steenish Ignou is an upcoming film music composer whose native place is Wayanad. His father and grandfather are well known musicians in the district and good friends of Hill Blooms' founder.

Aug 14th --- The school choir being a part of music club activity taught the whole school the flag song “Jhanda Uncha” in a sing along aired over the PA system.  A discourse was given by Ms. Archana, the music teacher on the meaning of the lyrics of the National Anthem. On 15th August the music club organized prayer, flag song and an instrumental recital by 10 Blooms with different instruments like Eastern Violin, Western Violin, Guitar &Keyboard.  The school choir also sang two Hindi and one Marathi patriotic songs. A Malayalam skit was presented by the Literary& Debating club.

Aug 29th -The great pop star Michael Jackson's Birthday was celebrated by the Music Club on this day. A memorial speech was given by the music teacher and it was followed by playing the famous song –“Heal the World”.

The social work club has also initiated an Activity Fund box which is to be maintained in the office starting from 2nd September, Monday.  The teacher in-charge of the club informed the students about the location of the fund box and how the blooms should generate money for the fund box by practicing personal thrift and energy saving at home. The students were asked to write the mode in which they generated money for the box.


Sept. 5th --The Teachers Day celebration at Hill Blooms was a memorable one. True to tradtional role reversal teachers conducted the Morning Prayer session.  The School Principal led the Morning Prayer and a teacher’s day message was given by her. The Music  club did a program called ‘Guruvandanam’  and it was followed by  the song  ‘Nanmayakunna Vakkukal’ by K S Chitra. In the afternoon a song was dedicated to the teachers. The class 10 students took initiative to manage the classes for the teachers from LKG to IX for the whole day. Two students were allotted class of a particular teacher and they did their homework before moving into each class. At the end, the National Anthem was sung by the teachers which was accompanied by an instrumental version.Social Work Club collected old clothes for the patients in District hospital and also for inmates in another institution.  The club members from class 9th &10th asked the blooms to get old usable clothes and the response was massive.  5th September, Thursday was the date allotted for collection. The club members got the clothes from the classes and kept them in the physics lab for further sorting.

Sept. 6th --- In the morning the first activity was collecting plastic waste which was organized by the Green Friends Club.  Many Blooms participated in the activity. The Green Friends Club members collected and recorded the names of the students who participated in the process. This is an on going program of this club. They have also planned for sorting waste materials during the last period and also during free periods. Another activity was done by the Science club. They commemorated the World Water Day which was declared by the UN in 2010 and it was dedicated to Water Co-operation. Tips on water conservation were given to the students by the club members.

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