Principal's Welcome Speech on First Day of New Academic Year 2014-15

Created on 2014-06-02 03:37 AM

Good morning.

Welcome back to school.

I hope you enjoyed your summer holidays.

I am sure you all got a refreshing reprieve from routine work and study except of course for the senior Blooms in classes 9,10 and 12. I take this opportunity to congratulate and appreciate those children in 9, 10 and 12 who have put a higher priority on hard work and ambitions this summer. I am sure their extra work shall not go without great results in an year or two.

Our teachers also had been very busy in the past one month. They had been going through training sessions and reorganizing their thinking styles and working patterns. I am confident the effort has made each teacher a far more child friendly teacher than they had been last year and a much better organized professional than she was last year.

We are all set to embark on yet another year of growing up as individuals, and as a progressively evolving educational institution.

I am sure this morning you promised yourself, parents and all those whom you love that this year is going to be the best ever so far.

I am sure you prayed, silently or loud, for God’s help to become smarter, better, taller, more loved, more popular, able to talk better, able to write better, to develop instant memory, admired by girls if you are a boy, admired by boys if you are a girl, admired by teachers no matter what you are.

While you were away, we teachers were also thinking of you and working and praying.

To be smarter teachers, to be better teachers, to be more loved, more popular, to be able to talk with better clarity, to write better and without mistakes of any kind, to recognize the goodness in every child and to be able to forgive and forget when you guys do things we don’t like.

We also want to tell your parents good news when they call. That their beloved child is loved and appreciated here in school. We want to be talked about with admiration when you talk about us at home. We need to be admired too no matter how grown up we are. There is a child in every one.

I could have talked to you about great many things today.

Your coming up exams, your intelligence, your health, the potential you have for scoring high in future exams or winning competitions. That is not I want to think about and talk about today. I just want you to take a good look at the teacher in front of you. Look at and think about all the teachers around you. One at a time.

This person has plans for you. This person has data and skills she or he wants you to learn. She or he is not doing a job that is like building a wall or repairing an engine. When the job is done all is done. NO. This person is taking one more step with you in building life skills. This person will be with you for the next step. You will carry that skill or information for the rest of your life. Every lesson is a lesson that will last your life time. Every experience in your class room will stay with you for the rest of your life. You will eventually be a product of what we teach, how we interact and what kind of emotions we bring out together among us.

As for the teachers I want you to take a good look at the children in front of you.

This is somebody’s child. There are at least two people in the universe for whom she or he is their world. There is a massive lot of love and hard work behind him that expect miracles to happen in return. Miracles has to happen in Hill Blooms. That is why they sent these children to you . Here. That is why we call her a Bloom.

 You will enable this child with many things this year that are going to stay with her for the rest of her life. Your positive inputs will create a positive child. Your negative inputs will have a disastrous outcome sooner or later. You have the power to create or destroy. You just don’t have the right to disengage and walk away. You have to engage and produce a star. Not necessarily in academics. In something…In anything.  If you give up on a child, you are going to give up on generations and a profession. Your profession and generations that will spring from this one child.  If we fail to bring out something positive in this child, the failure is not his or her. It is ours and we are going to carry it to our grave and beyond. That would be a sin no God will forgive.

We may not be God. But we are pretty close.  We are God’s most trusted instruments when it comes to programming the minds entrusted to our care.

Let us begin academic year 2014-15 with one simple objective that will take care of all objectives.  

All Blooms: Sit down, shut up and listen. That is all you have to do to be one of the smartest people on earth. Pay attention. Stay focused on what is happening. Be part of the main event around you.  Even when the teacher is not really entertaining or super skilled. Shut up. Listen and stay focused. Everything else is secondary. Good results will follow eventually.

Just listen and pay attention.

All Blooms Teachers: Make sure these kids get something from you every minute you are with them. Every minute. Every period. Everyday. Every time you interact with them. Something positive. Something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Something positive that you alone could have given them. Something that will stay with them and their generations till infinity. Because that is precisely how far your influence goes. Infinity.  Don’t just take my word for granted on this. Read about this. Great minds far superior to mine have the same opinion. A teacher’s work goes on influencing the universe till infinity.

Let us get to work.

May the force of goodness be with you always.  

Thank you. 

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