Blooms, Up the ante for Swach Bharath.

Created on 2014-10-08 10:29 AM

Welcome back to school after the SA-1 series and a good break. Hope all Blooms enjoyed their Mahanavami, Vijayadashami and Id Al Fitr. 

We have a unique year in which all these celebrations of goodness came closely following Gandhijayanthi during which our Prime Minister and Chief Minister flagged off nationwide and statewide efforts to clean up our environment. Their clarion calls are hugely supportive to our plastic waste eradication program which had been running for four  years now, with your massive participation. I take this opportunity to thank every teacher, Bloom and staff member who organized, lead and participated at the action level of our effort all these years. All those who organized children to pick plastic from streets and worked literally in the streets, all those who washed dirty plastic waste in buckets and wash basins and those who dried and organized the waste for shipment to recycling plants should stand proud today because that effort put us at the leading edge of a nation aspiring to meet world standards in cleanliness just as our PM vowed to at Gandhiji’s ashram premises on 2nd October. Thanks to all that work, we now have a well-oiled, streamlined mechanism to participate in the national effort. Our work has also attracted the attention of local civic and judicial bodies and they are working to empower us further. The Taluk Legal Cell where some of our parents are leading members lead by the Magistrates themselves are leading the effort to help organizations who are doing the kind of waste management effort like ours.


What is really important is, the effort changes us. From waste producers to waste managers of our country who actually participate in a much needed national effort: Swach Bharath.

Last year our recycling effort exceeded 1.5 tons. (More than 1500 Kg.). This academic year let us gun to double that quantity. Let us resolve to collect and recycle at least 3000 Kg.

With our team work, I am sure we can meet and exceed that target.

May the force of goodness be with you this festive season and always. 

Zita Jose


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