Letter to Parents: End of School Year 2014-15

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(A Senior Secondary School Affiliated to CBSE)

                                                   Mananthavady                              15-03-2015

2015 and all is well!

Global Carbon Emissions Flatlined in 2014 Even as Economy Grew! (TIME, March 13, 2015).There is still hope for mother earth. The world order might, just might, tackle climate change before Bangladesh and Chennai goes down under water.There are old men in a hurry at the helms in the state and the nation. Changing of the guards 2015 conformed to democratic norms and patterns. Women are taking over corporates and countries. Renewables are happening. ‘Solar’ is not a bad word in Delhi and in Rajasthan where a new super solar plant is taking shape. Hill Blooms will switch to solar power next year. Even in Nadavayal, after cutting down18 trees, some of which were 40 years old, they repented, recanted and in an unprecedented act of reluctant faith inLife Before Death actually replanted at least some of them on condition that they shall not grow tall. A Time Magazine cover story, last month in an educated prophesy stated that all newborns are expected to have a life span of 100 to 140. (If their parents can stop burning plastic and prevent their breathing of plastic fumes every day.)

What tops it all at Hill Blooms is…….All Blooms are reading! It may not be as much and as in depth as we wanted. But it sure is happening. Not just in the one period set aside for that every day but also after that. A new phenomenon called The Readers’ Club got so popular that soon after launching the club the database register crashed and the librarian quit. They just couldn’t cope with the demand!  Lots of reading is on the anvil now that we got the hang of it. It is not enough to tell the new age kids to read. It is not enough to buy them newspapers. You have to stand by them with a ‘cane figuralis’ in the morning telling them RRReeeaaaddd’…or else! (which is precisely what our teachers do first thing in the morning.)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Parental jury,

We believe we have a strong case to continue doing a lot of things we are doing right and yes, to work on a lot of things we can build on.  

In Genesis according to children, in the beginning there must have been summer holidays. So be it with Blooms again when academic year 2014-15 comes to a hot summer end and planning ahead for 2015-16 is beginning. Here is a summing up of things to remember and a few pointers to the year ahead. But first the present continuous.

1.     Summer recess is for all and that includes the Principal and most of the office staff. Those who need Transfer certificates are to put in their requests yesterday (sic) and pick them up before closing on 26th March. Alternately they can wait till Blooms and office staff come out of summer hibernation on 4th  May 2014. Please note that this is not applicable to class 10 and class 12 pass outs .Their TC will be distributed only after their results are published by CBSE.

2.     School exams are in progress and on exam days, school buses start from school at 12-45 PM.

3.     School will close for summer recess on Thursday 26th March. On that day children must bring lunch (or order from the kitchen) and stay at school till 3-30PM for End of Year celebration.  School buses will start their return trip only after 3-30 PM. 

4.     Class 12 will start on 20th April 2015.

5.     Classes 9 & 10 will reopen on 4th May 2015.  

6.     Classes UKG to 8 will reopen on 1st June 2015.

7.      LKG will start on 8th June 2015.

8.     Fee Remittance and Books Distribution: Schedule for fee remittance and purchasing materials from school store is given in the following table. [Books will be distributed from store only after school fee for academic year 2015-16 is paid either in cash or with dated cheques at the school office]





May 4th



May 4th



May 5th



May 6th



May 7th


1 A

May 8th



May 11th



May 12th



May 13th



May 14th


4 A

May 15th


4 B

May 18th


5 A

May 19th


5 B

May 20th



May 22nd



May 26th



May 27th


28th and 29th May are set aside for parents who were away on vacation and could not pick up books on allotted days. However these days are bound to be extremely crowded days and may cause hours of waiting. So all are advised to make use of their allotted days to pick up books as much as possible.

Parents who have more than one child at the school may choose to pick up books for all their children on the day allotted to the oldest child. (LKG, Class 9 and Class 10 days should not be chosen as an alternate day.)

School store will remain open from 9 am to 2 pm. The first half of roll numbers in each class should come before 12 noon and the second half of roll numbers in the afternoon. Since all staff members who manage the store leave in the school bus at 3 PM, parents should avoid coming in after 2 PM.

Store personnel will not entertain requests to pick up books after they close accounts at 2PM.

9.     Please make it a point to stick to the given schedule. Store personnel and teachers in-charge may not be able to provide materials if parents and students visit the store on unscheduled dates causing unmanageable crowding. LKG uniform, Class 1 Wednesday Uniform and Class 5 regular uniform are the only uniforms that need to be stitched by the school tailor. All other uniform dresses may be stitched by a tailor of your choice. The uniform dress materials will be available in the school store from March 15th 2015 onwards.

10. ProfessionalCollegeEntryPreparationCourse: Hill Blooms School, Mananthavady has completed its 25th year in 2014. One of the Silver Jubilee Projects we are launching is a well-organized entrance coaching course for our students. We have enlisted members of the teaching faculty who had been working with the renowned entrance coaching centers in Kerala like Brilliant Pala and Prof. P C Thomas’ Classes to work with us. They will conduct classes at steady intervals between our own teachers who had been teaching for the last 15 years or more in Classes 11 and 12.

Following are the details.

(1)Class starts on 4/5/2015 Monday.

(2)Syllabus to be covered by 28/08/2016.

(3)Full syllabus test series from 03/09/2016.

(4)Course fee: Zero for toppers in entrance test to the course.

(5)250 hours of teaching per subject. Total 4x250=1000 hours of total coaching.

(6)Monthly test in every subject.

(7)Specially designed test analysis.

(8)SMS alert to parents.

(9)Full syllabus tests followed by topic based tests and test analysis.

(10) Option to choose Medical or Engineering schemes during test series.

          Call Mr. Skorlans at 9496659329 for more details. 

11. The change in timings at Hill Blooms has worked very well. Teachers spend a lot of time with children who fall behind. Teachers finish most of their book correction and other noncontact time activities before they go home. Time constraints for meetings with other teachers and parents also have been eased.

12. Blooms’ Reading contest had to be reinvented again because of one big reason. Most children in higher classes are reading and a contest based purely on recommended reading alone seems grossly unjust. Therefore the new regime: All Blooms who want to take part in the Reading contest and become celebrated participants and winners, go forth and READ! Just write down the name of the titles and authors. In June 2015 we will interview to choose winners considering (1) Number of books (2) Gravity of contents and (3) Ability to talk about books and authors read.

School website will, as in the years before, publish a list of books that we wish our children would read as soon as school closes for summer break.

13. Summer is the time of the year when accidents involving entire families are higher, drowning accidents happen all over Kerala (tears from last year’s are yet to dry) child abuse events are higher, substance abuse happen more and teen curiosity and energy if not channelized right, give them the one commodity they did not have in abundance during the academic year to literally dance where devils fear to tread: Time! Here is a warning for parents: Auditing your child’s time, that is, knowing where he or she is (in that order of gender priority) and knowing what exactly he or she is doing at that time (again in that order of gender priority) are of paramount importance. No amount of retreat, meditation and counseling will undo what bad company accomplishes with practiced ease in a very short time.

Climate scientists predict this summer to be the hottest ever after Dinosaurs and arguments against learning English went extinct! Then again summer had always been hot, fun and full of the kind of things that makes this one sure shot at life worthwhile.

Let us make it safe by driving safe, travelling safe, eating safe and guarding our young ones with all the attention to details that we can with all our resourcefulness.

Let us thank God for all the good things we have shared in the process of getting our children to grow up into young adults of integrity and admirable skills. 

May the force of goodness go with you always. 

All of us here at Hill Blooms wish you and the family a safe and enjoyable summer of ‘15.



Zita Jose


Note: This letter has important information for all parents. Please call Principal or Manager on Phones 9447040809/9446012809) between 8 PM and 10 PM if you need clarifications or translation. Please do not call to change school store timings or schedules for fee payment. 

This letter is intended for parents of students of Hill Blooms School, Mananthavady, affiliated to CBSE (Affiliation number: 930178). If you are not an intended recipient please return to: P.B.24, Hill Blooms School, Mananthavady 670645. 

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