Principal's PA system broadcast on 15th October

Created on 2015-10-14 10:59 PM
Good morning Blooms, Teachers and Staff members.
We have lots and lots of good news.
As you all know we hosted the first phase of Kalotsav 2015, our District youth festival.
We have done a true hat trick. That is 3 goals in football. 3 super things in Kalotsav 2015.
We conducted the events flawlessly. There was not even one appeal from any of the 26 participating school. That is the first of the super news.
The second thing is that Blooms did a marvellous job of bagging the first position with 472 points. We are right now ahead of the next best by 72 points. Let me take this moment to congratulate all the Blooms, their parents, teachers and trainers who devoted a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources to their participation and came on top.
The third super news is that all , I mean, all the people who assembled here in the last two days thought our children are the best behaved bunch of CBSE school kids they have seen anywhere in Kerala. I don’t think they were saying this just to make us feel good. Our volunteers were polite, efficient and so hard working. They did everything from assisting with the audio equipment to making sure our campus remained flawlessly clean throughout. One of the judges told me it is very very hard to get students like ours and that too the whole bunch of them the way they are. I believe him because our campus was a place of peace, quiet and serenity all through these 2 days of competitions.
For me and all our teachers and parents there is no better news than the last one. To be told our children are the best in behaviour and good manners and attitudes.
I thank all teachers and staff members  for the hard work they did for Kalotsav 2015. I am not getting into details for the simple reason that there simply are too many of those details.
I thank all students for their work and the good name they created in the minds of all the visitors and guests. 
I hope and pray you will do the same always. Especially next week when we go to other schools for the next phase of Kalotsav 2015.
May the Force of goodness always be with you.
Have a great day.
Thank you.

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