Obituary of Lt. Col. Niranjankumar

Created on 2016-01-06 10:46 AM
We now know a lot about Lt. Col. Niranjankumar’s last message to his wife. 
He texted that he will call. 
He never did. 
We now know a lot about Lt. Col. Niranjankumar’s last words to his father. 
He simply said ‘ I am on an operation’. 
As if it was part of his daily work schedule. 
We will never know what were his last thoughts. 
We will never know in the brief seconds before the last act of his life which was defusing a grenade, if he thought about his little daughter or aged parents. ,  
We will never know what is it that goes through the mind of an Indian soldier when he pays the ultimate price for choosing to do a work that is so risky that no ordinary mortal would even think of calling it a profession. 
Whether we know it or not, whether we choose to think about it or not, Niranjankumar and Indians like him are what make India survive. 
They are the reason life is normal in the rest of India day after day after day after day. 
There is nothing normal for them though on any day of their work. 
There is nothing we can do to repay him. There is nothing we can do to compensate for even a minuscule of what his wife and child lost. 
His death is real. His wife’s tears are real. His daughter’s terrified look is real. 
Niranjankumar’s ultimate sacrifice will pass into oblivion only if we allow it to happen. 
We must make sure that it doesn’t. 
Please stand still and think of them now. Please sent a silent thought of gratitude to the soul of an Indian whose bravest act was choosing such a difficult career where injury and death is almost certain. 
Niranjankumar’s memories must survive. If not this country will not. 
Jai Hind. 

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