Principal's Welcome back speech on 01 June 2016

Created on 2016-06-02 10:00 AM
Principal’s speech on 01 June 2016, first day of new academic session.
Good morning Blooms. Good morning Blooms Teachers.
Welcome back to yet another academic year at Hill Blooms.
And a very warm welcome to those who are new to Hill Blooms.
The monsoons are expected in a week. Along with the much awaited water and cool weather it is giving us near perfect ambiance for teaching and learning too. In our state nature has always blessed us with this special factor for learning. Monsoon shuts out all except learning and energy can be focused for reading and writing.
I would like to once again remind you of a few things right at the beginning. You are going through a phase in your life that will eventually decide your peace and happiness in the future and the happiness of all those who love you.
To achieve that what you have to do is very very simple. R-E-A-D.
Read and listen to the teacher in class. Read and review at home. Read a newspaper everyday. Read books that you enjoy reading during whatever free time you get.
Just read.
I also would like to tell you of a special focus for your reading this year.
All over the world experts in teaching and learning are convinced that bilingual brains are superior. That is if you can speak and write two languages, your brain is superior.
At this point I would like to remind you of what Prof. Hridayakumari said and I quote: Malayali’s language confusion is not because of learning English, but because of not learning Malayalam enough. Unquote: So for the academic year 2016-17, let us pledge to read plenty of English and Malayalam and acquire the special skills of speaking well in English by practicing it while at school. Along with English and Malayalam, our Hindi teachers are starting a special drive to give you Hindi speaking practice on Wednesdays. Please participate so that every Bloom can use our Rastrabhasha fluently.
Our teachers are committed to maintaining English language practice and that too in perfect grammar. Please learn from them.

Educational experts also advise us of another super skill that can train our minds.  Learn Music. This year we are making a commitment to all Blooms. By the time you graduate from Hill Blooms you should be in a position to identify Ragas.
Our Class 12 and Class 10 did us proud. In a year marred by a very bad Math exam we still maintained Math top at 95. Immanual Martin and Astel James scored 92. 2 to be the school toppers. 5 Blooms scored 90 plus. In Class 10, 14 Blooms out of the  total 31 came out all A1s. That is one of the highest percentages of A1s in the district.

<Long Pause>
All that we did  right, all that we excelled in pales to insignificance when we think of the tragedy that we had to deal with this summer. Together, we failed to keep Ajnas alive. Parents, teachers and his fellow students failed to turn him back from a life of extreme risk taking. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe it is not dangerous waters that killed him but an attitude that failed to respect safety concerns. 
I do not want to linger on heart breaks and failures. We have to move forward. While it’s heartbreaking to think of all that could have been with a super intelligent Bloom like Ajnas, let us not fail to learn from this terrible tragedy.
Respect the law.
Respect Safety rules.
Obey instructions from parents and teachers.
Ladies and gentlemen: Let us begin.
May the Force of goodness be with you always.
Thank you.
Jai Hind.

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