Principal's Welcome back speech on 01 June 2017

Created on 2017-06-07 02:57 AM
Good morning Blooms. Good morning Blooms Teachers.
Its great to be back.
Its great to be together again.
I am so glad that you survived summer recess 2017 without major hassles and injuries. I must congratulate all of you and your parents for the vigilance and common sense you all exercised in keeping the families safe and healthy.
We will begin with a few words on the theme of the year.
While you were out having a good time, your teachers sat together and thought and thought and thought about how we can improve things in your classes in your learning.
They have come up with some brilliant ideas.
What is good is, it also looks like more fun too.
Let me tell you the highlights.
1. The theme your teachers have chosen for you this year is ‘Down to Earth 2017’. During discussions we also talked about and considered naming it, ‘Beyond hitech bs’. For decent language’s sake we decided to call it ‘Down to Earth 2017 ’. This theme is because we believe you are not your gadgets. You are not your Face Book images. You are not your marks in the report cards. You are warm, live, little bodies and minds that your parents entrusted with us for the process of teaching and learning. You are an extension of everything that is good with your families, this country and this planet. We, teachers at Hill Blooms have the responsibility to make sure that you go out of here as young adults capable of eating well, sleeping well, healthy and capable of loving and learning. We have the responsibility to make sure that you will love and protect all that is good with you, your family and the planet in general. Hitech gadgets will not make you think better. You need to read to think better. All of you are much smarter than what you do on test papers. Therefor we will speed up the reading, talking and learning to make sure that the teaching learning process engages your time better. We have also decided to do more and more and more ……yes physical things. More foot ball, more volley ball, more swimming, yes the pool will be ready in another month, and believe it or not, more tennis. The coach says he will get the tennis courts ready by the time monsoon gets over.
Talk is cheap.
What matters is what we will do.
Let us decide on a division of labor.
You guys focus on the classes. Like I said, this year your classes are going to be far more focused, organized and faster, yes faster (because we need time for good times. Physical good times. Body times. ) Myself, all the teachers and all the staff members will focus on how to get you to enjoy Down to Earth 2017.
Let us promise ourselves one thing. Just one thing before we start.
No school, no teacher, no curriculum, no so called hi tech gadget can make you a more lovable person. That has to come from a genuine mindset to be nice to other people, animals, plants and the planet. That is what this talk is all about. Just hang in there, challenge yourself to pay attention in class, challenge yourself to sit on a chair and read, write and think and most importantly smile at all the people around you. That is all that matters for a Bloom. As for all those new Blooms who joined us today, Welcome to Hill Blooms. We are so glad to have you here.
So smile…and pay attention….smile and pay attention.
Let us have a good time. Hill Blooms loves you.

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