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Created on 2018-10-10 11:25 PM

Good morning.

I have a message for children who are taking the exam today.

It is about the science of cheating.


Yes. You heard it right. The Science of Cheating.


Now you can direct your thoughts in many ways. How to cheat smarter and defeat the system is one. That is not my purpose.


My purpose is to tell you what happens after you successfully cheat the first time.


Your first cheating will convince your subconscious mind that it is a possibility.


That conviction is something you will never ever get out of. That is the single biggest problem with cheating. It will impact your next exam even if you are not caught. It will impact the way you behave in your interpersonal relationships. Your love life. Your family. Your children.


If you think it is fun and will be forgotten, think again. On the day of your wedding, someone standing around will remember that cheating. If one of them who negotiates on a business deal with you will have it in the back of her mind and will keep your one time cheating as a factor to consider.


Believe it or not, CBI considers it a negative trait in a person when they investigate one.


It is the single biggest evidence that you were trained to have no ethics by your parents. No one might say it aloud. But that is what they think. All good things you do and all cheating you do ultimately points a finger at your family.


It is like that first dose of LSD. A drug. It programs your mind. And even when you want to get out of it, the programming done will prevent it.


Don’t forget the current news is all about just that. Think about the Ministers, MLAs and top religious leaders who are caught up in acts of cheating their familes, constituents and followers.


So. Don’t. Not once. Not ever. Do not cheat.

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