Principal's new year message 2019

Created on 2019-01-03 10:09 PM

Principal's new year message
Good morning Blooms of all ages and Teachers.
Let us stay away from the usual clichés of talking about resolutions and new beginnings only.
 2019 is starting up in a manner no other year has started up in recent times.
 There is no point in being blind to that.
 Good news is that, we, students of CBSE schools and their parents mostly happen to belong to a silent community that address all sides of the ongoing problems with maturity and responsibility. We do not engage in violence to make political and religious statements. We do not abuse and destroy public property to assert our view points. For us the constitution is a holy book and national unity is a life and death issue.
What exactly is our role in the whole scheme of things? That is a question all of us, students and teachers must ask and answer at this point.
The answer is simple.
We learn.
We read.
We must understand universal developments and make sure that we do not get waylaid with views that really have nothing to do with progress of individuals and the nation as a whole.
In the long run, we must improve our capability to express ourselves in at least two languages.
That is why we are here.
Today with more intensity we once again reaffirm those thoughts.
We need to read.
We need to pay attention to developments in the national life and analyze events.
We need to develop at least two languages to be reasonably communicative.
Please focus on these three things.
The school also will be doing just that and watching your progress in those efforts.
Once again.
Let us make this an year of reading.
Of analysis and understanding.
And developing talking skills in two languages.
Thank you.
Happy new year.

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