*Principal's new academic year message*.

Created on 2019-06-22 11:09 PM

*Principal's new academic year message*.

Good morning Blooms of all ages and Teachers.

Time to gear up and get on with the new academic year.

I am sure sometime in the first week teachers talked to you at length about goals and objectives for the year in each subject and activity.

I only want to remind you of a few new initiatives that I am sure you have noticed and are sure to do you good.

One is a change in the Zero hour of paper reading. Instead of spending the entire time in reading, teachers are now showing you about 20 slides on the main news items at the beginning of the Zero hour. This is being done on the 50-inch smart TVs you have in all classes. You must make sure that these news items are located in your individual newspapers before you proceed to pursue your individual interests in the newspaper.

All Blooms had been making use of the library in the traditional style till now. You borrow books of your choice and return them when you finish. We experimented with insisting that each class finish a few books which teachers felt you might miss reading if we did not point them out to you. So, from now on books that are chosen for your class, not many but only a maximum of 3, are being purchased with 20 to 40 copies of each and distributed by the librarian. Please make sure you read them. Once you finish them you can swing back to your personal choices in the library.

The fact of life that we Indians have to handle at least 3 languages to conduct life and business across the nation should be viewed as a blessing in disguise. Think of the Chinese, Americans and the Arabs who are struggling with a second language while we Indians can seamlessly move from the Mother tongue to English to Hindi and a few more at short notice anytime to suit our communication needs. That language skill is what your parents were gunning for when they chose this school for you. You must be loyal to their wishes and practice Hindi or English when you are in school. At all times. Malayalam is in our blood and genes and needs no special conversational training. Groups which are practicing other languages are welcome to do so as part of their language training.

Once again.

Let us make this year too an year of reading.

Of analysis and understanding.

And developing talking skills in three languages.

Let us get on with academic year 19-20!

Thank you.

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